Where can I get DNA?

I'm new to biohacking and in search of a company that will sell synthetic DNA, plasmids, and reagents. Most companies I can find (e.x. ThermoFisher, Addgene, Sigma-Aldrich, etc.) only sell to institution or accredited companies.

Anyone got a list of companies that will ship to anyone??

The Thought Emporium mentioned that I can bypass this by setting up a company. . . how the heck I set up a company??? And will I face legal trouble if the company is not approved by the government?

Many thanks in advanced!


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    For setting up a company , you can do that in Delaware USA. Possible other states that are very light on regulations. You can try Odin: https://www.the-odin.com/how-to-get-started/ Or you can contact privately Though Emporium and ask them directly.

  • Thanks for the response! I'll try to contact Thought Emporium directly.

  • Starting a company just means you fill out the paperwork and pay a fee. If you fill out paperwork in almost any other situation, will you go to jail? Your state (or nation) has a website where you can apply.

    Addgene requires a non profit btw.

    How's your hardware is the real question. Buying materials is easy once you are set up.

  • @glims lol, okay noted. I just don't want to get in trouble or anything.

    I have a centrifuge, micropipettes, petri dishes, tubes and a heat block. Basically enough for simple bacteria transformation. Any other hardware you recommend?

    Thank you a lot for the advice :)

  • I am a company that will middle man materials shipping, with the one caveat that I won't help anyone acquire anything obviously stupid for "learning purposes". Thought Emporium used to get materials through me before they finally got around to incorporating. Dm me in somewhere not here, cause I so rarely come by anymore. Hardware recommendations are project specific. Discord, fb, signal, whatever.

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