Diy dry electrode for teslasuit-like haptics?

I know some people play around with diy brain electro-stimulation. Have any of these people developed dry electrodes? Or is everyone who does that still wiring up damp sponges? I'm trying to find information on this but im honestly not even sure what to google haha. Ive seen some stuff i could do that would require conductive gel but coating myself in gel to hop in vr seems impractical at best.


  • So funny. Seems like as soon as you post something you find what you're looking for.

    Cant look at the stls atm but if they aren't too sharp, as in, if you fell down while wearing them on your chest, they wouldnt pierce your skin, these could be exactly what im looking for. Any other ideas or links are very welcome though?
  • Happy to see someone else in VR like me. There is a real problem with dump electrodes, you need to guide electricity to the skin and not let it go parallel to the skin. Bu the main reason you won't find a open source to tesla suit or a competitor is simply that the full body haptic is very vary small niche. But your main problem will become the software and the updates. Even if you will manage to write a software for your game of choice like Pavlov to properly capture and process properly the data. But the killer part will be to keep up with the updates. I remembered this company here: it might be better than go DiY. but it is a small niche, it will be hard to find that many costumers to pay for development and updates.
    There might be a opensource project same where , I do believe I had it on my Discord. but left the server, if I remember it I will send you link

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