siRNA Gene Silencing

siRNA has been successfully used in gene silencing therapies since 2018 and it is really starting to gain traction in the pharmaceutical industry. My question is could this technology be used to silence the gene for myostatin production? It seems like silencing the gene would be a safer and easier approach than trying to remove the gene or adding something new. I know most of the therapies on the market currently target the liver and earlier siRNA treatments accumulated in the liver. What would need to be done to the delivery system to make it target the muscles? What safety concerns should one have for such a project?


  • Simply silencing or removing a gene is not a possible solution. You need to look on how the gene worked with the others and how much resourced it used.
    Keep also in mind why evolution kept that gene. You might find our self with more issue than you had before.
    Gene therapy is , depending on the nations regulation , years or decades away specifically for the 2nd problem, you need 10 years to know what the long term implications are.
    If you intentions is to buff your macular structure I do believe there are cheaper and safer method.

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