Cytoxicity Testing

Hey so one of the most important parts of all the regulatory testing they use in medical devices is cytoxicity testing. Or rather I should say are as they're a few types. If somethings bad with your coating, then this will usually tell you right away. The rest are chasing down more subtle effects after it's passed cytoxicity.

I wrote up some big blog thing at some point and I'll look for it regarding how it's actually done. I've tried to sweet talk our counterparts over in the bio-biohacking world into working up a protocol for people to do these tests for us. The thing is, it wouldn't mean anything legally unless they were confirmed as able to perform those tests.. but I don't care about the regulation for regulation sake. We aren't actually regulated. We just play that way because we don't want to hurt anyone. I'd love to be able to spam lots of differnt materials and designs for next to nothing. That said, at Auglim, we're trying really hard to make some money. And in my opinion, products have to be held to a higher standard. Thus we've been reaching out and getting quotes. I thought you guys might be interested in the results. If you want to know the actual company please PM me at Cassox at Auglim dot com. I'm just going to update these as I get them.

So the first one quoted us 550.00 to test one sample with 240cm2 surface area. If we get a few more I'll make something fancy with charts and boxes.

Anyhow, I wanted to hear peoples thoughts about this subject. If I wasn't working so hard to make us sustainable right now I'd try to figure out how to do this test and write it up. Anyone want to take point on this?


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