Growth spurt


  • If your growth plates have already fused (which happens after your last growth spurt when you are a teenager or young adult) you can't.

    Otherwise, if you are malnourished better nutrition might help.

    Or, if you are assigned female at birth and transgender ftm, starting testosterone might trigger a growth spurt.
  • In individuals with markedly deficient height, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is sometimes prescribed by doctors. I suppose this would have to happen before or during puberty though and anything after is unlikely to do much but increase muscle mass. Also there are developmental side effects (such as an enlarged forehead) that can emerge...

  • Strange. This would probably be considered medicine. Gh is prescribed and thus it would be medicine I guess? But wow. This is a weird example. I guess outside a certain height you're abnormal so it fits with the return to normalcy thing?
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    There is a process called "ossification", "osteogenesis" or "bone mineralization" which is the laying down of new bone material by cells known as "osteoblasts". The body of a human baby has about 300 bones at birth, this number however slowly dwindles as you and stops in adulthood at about 206 bones so you lose at least a 100 bones. During the ossification process, bones are fusing together as new bone material is laid down between them. Bones grow in length at the epiphyseal plate by a process that is similar to endochondral ossification, in children these plates can be seen on x-ray but by the time the last growth spurt has happened, these plates are replaced with the epiphyseal line.

    There is no way to undo this process and restart it, this process is irreversible and is like baking a cake, you have your sugar, your flour, your eggs and you mix them together but you can never separate the dough back into sugar, flour and eggs.

    Any other method to change your height will only change it slightly and it will not alter bone, it will alter muscle and fat around the bones for example when trans men (female to male) to start Testosterone, their height, foot size, whatever will change ever soo subtly but it will only have done that by a few centimetres, same goes for trans women (male to female) when they start Estrogen, they strink a few centimetres and so their height, foot size, etc drops a few centimetres.

    You can however give yourself an illusion of looking taller through clothing and this is the best you can really do. Anyway good luck. :)

  • There is a surgery you can get that involves breaking your leg bones and inserting metal rods into them. It is risky and expensive though and you could cripple yourself for life or become an amputee if it isn't done properly.

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