Changing one's voice

I don't like my voice. It's horrible to hear me talk. Well I know most people don't like the sound of their voice as it doesn't sound the same internally (through bone conduction) than recorded.

I'm so jealous of people with a deep rich voice. Are there ways to change my voice? Surgery of the vocal cords probably but I don't know of anyone who would do it for "cosmetic" reasons (I'm in continental Europe). Most searches on the Net lead me to smartphone applications :-/ . I thought about screaming out of my lungs for a long time regularly but I don't have any place where I could do this without being locked up in the a psychiatric institution. Any other means?



  • You can do A LOT to change your voice just through training and voice therapy lessons.
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    By the way, if you are wanting to change your voice to satisfy others then you are modifying your body for the wrong reasons. Any body modifications you make should be "you" projects and not "other people" projects. The last thing you want with a body modification is to end up in a situation where you start thinking "I regret what I did, I didn't do it for myself, I did it for other people", you want it to be exactly what you want and not other people.

    I have an Androgynous voice and I'm very happy with it though that's natural but there are voice training therapies and I recommend you look for one which a trans man (female to male) has given high rating because such people are looking for as natural as possible sounding voice and want to ensure it sounds natural and such group of people will ensure you don't end up with a quack voice trainer but instead one that will aid you in having a genuine sounding voice that you like.

    This stuff is possible and it can become your natural voice? Why? Because the vocal cords are moved by muscles just like any other part of your body, muscles can be strengthened or weakened to change their position for example I strengthened a shoulder muscle on my left side by firing electricity through the nerve connecting to it in order to fix a droop that I have due to a skull base tumour, it lasted years but having to do it again but having to do it again due to problems, your vocal cords I assume are healthy and have no nerve obstructions. Anyway in order to get more control out of your voice, you need to encourage the vocal cords to lower down in your neck for a deeper voice and higher in your neck for a higher voice and it's all about control and speaking from your mouth and not your diaphragm too in order to ensure it doesn't start sounding breathy or squeeky. I wish you go luck. :)

  • Have you heard of a BeltBox? You can scream into one, and it will take it down a few decibels.

  • Never heard of this. Interesting. Thanks
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