Beauty regimen?

I was wondering if people had thoughts on skincare. I've been kind of nerding out about it all morning and thought I'd look here for discussion but I didn't find any at least on a quick search.

I notice there's some overlap between skin care stuff and topics like life extension. It's keeping a population of cells healthy on your dermis. Kind of the body's largest organ. But some of it is also cosmetic, so, it's interesting I guess.
Topics I'm kinda interested in related to skincare -

-DIY / household formulations as alternatives to beauty products. For example, making your own micellar water for cleanser, stuff like that. Like, getting more 'bang for my buck'. Also if there are ways to reduce the number of steps to do better skin care.
-Nutrients that affect the skin - I've heard A, C, E and various B vitamins mentioned a lot by dermatologists, but everyone seems to give slightly different advice (and they often are hocking products, so digging through it seems to take some care). I've also heard different ones get absorbed or become less effective at different rates.
-I wonder about things like using micellar stuff as a delivery mechanism, too, since it's used for a lot of medications, apparently, in a similar way to liposomal delivery (although I usually hear about that in the context of gut stuff), esp if preparing it for washing the skin anyways.
-Stuff like cellular turnover, dna damage, cancer, general dermal health. I've heard some dermatologists say things that a lot of people do for skin care like exfoliation are done too frequently and suggest things like acids and maybe only once or twice a week. I've heard mineral sunblocks are better than chemical sunblocks.
-Sunblock, etc? ways to protect the skin as a material, but allow it to breath. Ways to address stuff like smog and sunlight that can damage and discolor skin.
-Sustaining moisture through stuff like hyaluronic acid, allantoin (a comfrey extract that lacks the toxic alkyloid component in comfrey), etc.
-Dietary changes that can protect skin.
There's probably more interesting topics there but I figured I'd start a thread anyhow, would love to hear people's thoughts, whether these things seem useful, and just thoughts related to biohacking + skin care, esp your regimen if you have one.



  • The connection in skin care and health/prolonged life. The reason there is little DIY or discussion about it is the super dominance of Korean skin care. They are cheap and they can serve almost all skin types. They are so cheap to make DIY almost pointless.

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    I'm not sure I agree with you. Perhaps you could give me an example of what you believe an inexpensive Korean skin care routine is you believe it would be pointless to improve upon. It also depends on a person's budget and ingenuity and spare time. Cheap is relative.

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