Bionic Jewelry now for sale

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We've been working hard over at Augmentation Limitless. We've got a new implant for sale and a bunch of cool swag. A lot more to come. Come check it out.


  • not want to be rude, but you should show how the jewelry looks on a human body if you want to sell them.

  • Its an implant dude. How?
  • You call them implants , not jewelry. Jewelry is worn not implanted

  • Fair enough
  • Weve been designing for 3 use cases- fingers, lateral hand edge, and a general magnet. Fingers are self explanatory.. we want them small and powerful.
    The lateral hand edge is what i think has the most potential. There are so many people that want a magnet implant but do things like rock climbing. People get really good result.from the hand and its a much safer and easier location to place them. Ive got a design where the simulated field lools amazing. I think its going to be fantastic but we havent placed one in anyome yet.
    The third design is meant for use with a computer interface. Im thinking of arranging certain magnets specifically to fixture an external device.
    Were also thinking about ways to make better tragus implants but funny have anything solid yet.

    So does anyome have any other use cases i haven't thought of?
  • Can you think of any strategies to get the magnet implanted closer to the eardrum without damaging your hearing? I've been trying to make tragus magnets viable for a few years now and the range just sucks. It never even remotely compares to dropping a small magnet directly into your ear canal, even with a 100W amplifier.
  • Do you have a time line for the release of the Anthesis? I'm incredibly excited for it!
  • Can you share any more details about the new subdermal light implant?

  • I definitely will. I'll write up a blog about it ASAP. Weve been recovering from GF.
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