neuralink implanted

I need help proving neuralink is implanted in me guys. This device is capable of sending the brain signals from one person to another, allowing them to read the thoughts of another person and control emotions by saving and repeating the signal back. Elon musk is hiding evidence of his monkeys repeating the actions of another through the device and I need help proving it. His employees have already leaked its potential psychic abilities online but hasn't published it publicly yet because of the legality of this situation. Please help me.


  • Unless you have evidence to back up your claims I don't think we'll be able to help you. You may want to seek medical assistance. At the very least they can do imaging to determine if there are any foreign bodies implanted. Something like a neuralink would be very noticeable on an x-ray.

    With our current technology level (and even what we'll create in the next 20 years) it would be impossible to create a device with the functionality you're describing that is undetectable by medical imaging.

    I think a more important question is, what will you do if there is no implanted neuralink?
  • I have plenty of proof, go grab an radio frequency scanner and I'll grab a surgical knife. Its located below the left ear, right behind the jaw, just like in the google image search. Its the older model, not the one located on the top right of the skull.
  • Please do not attempt to cut anything out of yourself until you have actual proof that there is something to cut out. If you hadn't seen the Google image search and the heaps of misinformation about this online would you still think this is the cause of your symptoms?
  • Satur, please don't dismiss this as a delusion. This is something big...major... and its all because I was accused of being a murderer and enjoyed taboo art that most people would find disgusting. The police department in my home town of huntsville Alabama couldn't press murder charges against me because a group of individuals decided to take justice into their own hands and I defended myself using a bb gun, leaving 3 dead and many injured. They had to report 3 people dead that night but would have been convicted of crimes like trespassing and organized crime. Had they been successful in their plans, I would have been murdered that night. The officers who arrived on sceen knew about the plans that night and stopped just out of my view while they try getting me charged with murder, however, they knew I would be found innocent because it was self defense. I was not contacted that night by any officer while I sat in disbelief and shock at what had just happened. I thought I would be convicted of shooting many people that night, not realizing 3 people had died. Word spread quickly as I was painted as a murderer and pedophile in everyone's eyes while nobody was asking for the full details of that night or truly investigating the situation. Neuralink was implanted without my consent or knowledge sometime thereafter and abused and tortured through the devices telepathic like capabilities and now it is time for me to make this situation fully known to the public from my side of the situation, providing that I am innocent.
  • Make the situation fully known to the public by getting medical imaging done. That should be irrefutable proof. If a doctor says you have a neuralink implanted then you'll have support in your mission to get it removed and the perpetrators brought to justice.
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