Prosthetic Hand (from wrist up) Nerve or muscle based

Im thinking on building a hand that would read how either a nerve is being powered or a muscle is contracted and using proportions between pre set muscle/nerve groups to trigger different hand actions (ie nerve group 1 is has a certian voltage running though it while group 3 has 50% of that voltage, comparing to readings from pre-amputations that would mean finger A would move to a certain position) however I'm wondering if I should go with wrist-muscle based readings or try to interface with the nerves, the following pros and cons are present


  • Easy to set up
  • no surgery required
  • Can be taken off in the event an MRI machine/X-Ray scanner (hospital or airport) need to be used

  • May be harder to read muscles accurately pre-installation

  • external power source required
  • Damage to reading equipment possible via external forces

-No external power source

  • readings easy to find and recalibrate
  • less materials required (as far as I know, designs are quite basic at the moment)
  • reading equipment is not as exposed as an external design that the muscle based readings would use


  • Implantation surgery required (nerve damage possible)
  • damage to wiring possible unless made of materials like titanium or lined in home grown stem cells (using my own DNA)

    1. Hide apparatus from immune system
    2. Protect from natural degradation due to exposure to other bodily fluids and required chemicals (such as sodium)
  • Can't be taken off in the event an MRI machine/X-Ray scanner (hospital or airport) need to be used (MRI doesn't matter as long as no implanted apparatus can be magnetised or has magnetic properties)

Obviously testing the hand before its used will be required but I don't want to opt for the nerve based design and halfway through testing find out its impossible

I have some future project designs that do require interfacing with nerves (such as some cameras attached to the optical nerve so some experience in interfacing with nerves would be a good idea


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