Dark Plasma energy fields

Has anyone who has modified themselves to see bookmarks and magnetic fields seen or felt what's known as dark plasma? Its a life field and usually associated with heart death experiences.I think this is a novel thing I've been able to see. Read about it and researching for academia if there's anyone similar. Unlike magnetic field this seems to be a life field force that some feel but I can see it. Anyone had similar result?


  • I don't think anyone has ever seen that, and I'm doubtful that it's a real phenomenon. You might want to check your sources or seek counsel.

    I'm willing to believe literally anything if there's evidence though. If you can provide quantifiable proof with a measurement device that there is in fact a dark plasma life field, and demonstrate that you can detect when it is or is not present in a blind experiment with someone else, then we would be getting somewhere.
  • I’m an academic, so writing a paper on it. It’s a genetic thing that has some complications in terms of who can know, also trying to work with the government.

    Schumann resonances can be seen and are known, I can also see this. There are papers on near-death experiences and short term visibility of what sounds like dark plasma. However I think the key is death. Before I could manipulate and see these fields I suffocated and past out, shortly after I felt a surge of energy and since ‘coming back’ to life my vision is altered. It’s similar to what magnets can do. To me, it looks red, a bit like magnetism stimulates drosophila to see blue. Yet to confirm but it seems to kill microbes…something I’m writing a paper on. As I’ve said, my bio hacking by-proxy or genetic alteration wouldn’t be technically legal as it involves nuclear fields. This is why I’m liasing with the government.

    This message was purely to see if anyone had encountered it, like Schumann resonance…I’ve yet to submit a paper on it, I’m aware it’s not something known by masses or by bio-hacking. Seems to key, like stimulation by magnetism, is death! Very interesting and I’m a scientist so this isn’t something I’d discuss if it wasn’t empirically provable. I’d wager there are people out there who have been revived or something similar who can see and feel these fields too.
  • Evidence.
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