toys, tricks and fun with my....finger..... (i know how that sounds lol)

ok i have had a Haworth fingertip magnet for a few months now and adore it, intend to get a magicians magnet in another fingertip, dont worry, i have big meaty sausage fingers and my mind is made up on which finger. anyway, i am looking for some fun stuff to do. manipulating compasses like i am magneto or 11 from Stranger Things has been a lot of fun. i also developed a working prototype for gimmicked Zener cards that allow me to identify the cards with 100% accuracy, lifting paperclip chains, lifting coffee spoons, sensing the electricity in my vape when in use, its all great fun. has anybody got any recommendations for stuff to try? i bought them snake egg magnets to manipulate them like telekinesis/magnesis but i have discovered that i dont like feeling powerful magnets moving my implant like that (i have this fear of the magnet getting to close to the surface of the skin and the skin having a dry day cracking and the magnet popping out like a pill from a blister pack, so i dont want to try anything that is likely to have a strong tug on the magnet.
so, what kind of recommendations do you have for fun with my Haworth 6th sense magnet? (aka "fingertip sensing magnet")
thank you in advanced <3


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