New Batch of Cassox Magnets



  • Howdy! So, this batch was sent out. As far as I know everyone was happy but one! And now I can't find those messages.

    These used a few distinct layers to provide a different effect. These layers include portions which are impervious to water. There were samples destructively tested. We tested all units in Saline for extended periods. Not one failed.
    And yet, I got a pic from someone in the midst of the damn pandemic which looks like it's got a damn rust spot on it.

    Please please, if anyone ever has any issue let me know. If you are this person, contact me again please?

    Yes. I'm a crap businessman. I haven't seen the unit. It could have been damaged in shipping for all I know, but.. as biohackers we have to be open and honest to an extreme.

    I'm just now recovering from the last year. I expect to be opening up the lab again by the end of the month. One of things we really need to dial in is testing protocols.
  • @Cassox
    May I please ask you, what kind of coating material did you use?

  • Just wanted to circle back on this and say I got my hands on two of auglim's double magnets. They're nice quality. I've had one implanted in my tragus for 4 months and it's holding up well. Unfortunately it doesn't work especially well as a tragus magnet like I was hoping, but I'm still happy with it. I'll probably leave it in for awhile, if only to contribute to testing the new coating strategies in vivo.

    @Rem I was told that some or all of the new magnets are coated in PMMA (acrylic) and then a finishing coat of Palaseal (UV cured dental resin) is applied. I would wait on Cassox for confirmation/clarification though.
  • Hey, y'all. I'm just coming in to talk about Cassox's magnet that I have in my finger. I got one of his test magnets implanted in my finger a little over 3 years ago. I work with my hands a lot, as I'm an electrician. I just wanted to say that it's still working great and that I haven't had any problems with it. So, great work, Cassox. Cheeers!

  • have their been any updates on these? and is it still possible for me to order one? I would love to get one!

  • They can be ordered if you contact [email protected]

    They're kind of unresponsive, but they'll get to you. It's the best option at least until the Augmentation Limitless storefront is set up.
  • Augmentation Limitless ?

  • Hi! So, I'll have some new updates soon. We've come up with some really cool new stuff. Hopefully we'll redo the whole auglim site and have the shop up and running within a reasonable time frame. I'll have photos and all that nonsense this week.

    But to respond to this, no. I don't have any magnets for sale at this time. In about 3 weeks to a month, we'll be ready for some in the meat tests though. If you are interested in being part if these tests let me know.
  • Definitely interested in being a test subject! I'll shoot you an email with my info after u post the pictures and show us what u got going on!
  • Seconded, i'd like to be included. I made a similar comment like 3 years ago on this very thread :)

  • I am going to be a guinea pig for your experiments too

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