keyless entry for new cars implant

is there an implant for the key less entry system to my car? It's a subaru.


  • I'm quite certain there is not. It appears those keys are active transmitters and run on batteries so changing them would be a pain (pun intended). You'd also have to pre-programm those keys for your car (which involves inserting and turning the key in the ignition on many car models).

    Theoretically you could hack apart a ready to use key fob and coat it in something bioinert but that's about as good as you'll get without re-engineering quite a bit.

  • You'd be better served sticking the guts of the fob in a phone case or something that you carry with you regardless. I've been looking at powering implants with NFC and reverse Qi charging (which several new phones support) but in that case you would need your phone anyway, so why bother for a project like this.
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