Anaesthetic required for injectable RFID tags?

Are local anaesthetics needed for these kinds of injectable implants?
How much would it hurt for the implant to be placed in the hand next to the thumb?


  • They aren’t necessary. It doesn’t hurt much at all, provided the person doing the insertion knows what they are doing and does it quickly.
  • I can confirm this based on first hand experience (pun intended).
    Most veterinarians are skilled enough to pull the procedure in less than a single second.
    Implanters with less experience might take their time but it's not that bad. Touching or bumping the implant location in the following couple of days might cause moderate discomfort.
    For comparison: cutting yourself while chopping veggies/fruits is way worse (especially if acidic liquids get to enter your cut).
    Pain is experienced pretty different from person to person.

  • don't be a bitch, brah, just do it!

    jk! I had a firefly V1 implanted and it looked about that size, its like a big shot. some whiskey and weed will help you along lol

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