xG3 Implant

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Hello, I recently bought a xG3 from DT. This will be the first of hopefully many implants. However I do not know how to properly inject the magnet. Theres not many resources I can find online to figure it out. Im in the Pittsburgh area, if there are any places you know of that do implants. If there are any videos or websites that can teach/example the process, please let me know.


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    I was worried about using the syringe - I feared that the girth of it while being hollow on the inside would essentially just core my tissue, and I'd have a mess inside of me when I injected the magnet. What I did was create a pocket via scalpel and guided the syringe into the pocket, where I used the syringe to open the pocket further, and injected in there. Worked just fine. Essentially used the syringe as a syringe, without having to worry about .6 inches of cored tissue being pushed further into my finger. Was probably closer to a third of an inch.

    Another idea I had thought of was to slightly push out the magnet, so its still inside the syringe without having a large length of empty needle to core tissue. You want the needle end to still be exposed and sharp so it can cut tissue, so I wouldn't push the magnet out to the point where it is starting to come out of the needle.

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