Payment Implant (Purewrist flex conversion)

Hey all,

I located a prepaid card issuer in the US called Purewrist. Their terms are not ideal, but there's really nothing else in the US so I decided to give it a try. It turned out that Amal had an appropriate antenna available so we converted it into the flex form factor, and I had it installed yesterday.

It works really well, and I'm currently running in vivo testing with a variety of reader topologies. The flex implants may be available as a regular item on the DT store sometime in the future, but for now you can order a "card" from Purewrist and send it to Amal to be converted just like a microcard. Here's me paying with the implant immediately after installation:

Pictures attached


  • What about the terms makes it non ideal?

  • There's no fee to load the card, but there is a $4.95 per month fee charged to the account if you spend less than $250/month. Since most users won't spend that much, it's basically a $59.40 per year fee to use the implant. I deemed it worth it, but others may not.

    Since I had it installed, I've done extensive testing with at least 8 different types of readers. I've been able to get a reliable read on every one without much difficulty. The only ones that require a bit of trial and error at first are the ones with the antenna behind an LCD screen. Usually the middle of the top of the screen works well.
  • @Satur9 did you get the wristband? I don't see any card on their website
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    Yup, just buy the wristband. They send you the card and the silicone wristband (you can just toss the band)
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