Second Cyborgs/Disabled People Biohacker Meeting - Today 5pm Eastern

The Second Cyborgs/Disabled People Biohacker Meeting is today.
Everyone is invited to join at 5pm Eastern.
Zoom link for the meeting:

The transcript for the first meeting is available at this link:

The intention of these meetings is to build bridges and continue a cross-community dialogue. We are at the early stages and this is great opportunity to engage.

One thing we should be thinking about is how to make sure our open and accessible science is truly accessible.


  • Wow. This is awesome. Thank you.
  • I believe the link for the transcripts is broken.
  • Aloha all. I have been away for quite a while and just stumbled back today. I saw this post and got really excited but the transcript throws a 403. Does anyone have these for the meetings and can pm them my way?

    Any help is appreciated. Have a lovely day.
  • I thought this might be a good place to talk about one of my projects. I’m mostly deaf and I’ve been working on what some may view as radical options, to recover my hearing. I’ll wait to see if anyone is still in this thread before I go further into it.
  • I'm interested
  • The nutshell: An epic bone conduction with old hard drives and niobium wire.
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