The Lantern Implant



  • > @Cassox said:
    > Yes. I made the originals.

    I'm a dick. This is not what I meant. Lol. The original poster clearly made the originals of what we started talking about. I meant something else by this.
  • If all you guys want is glow powder encased in glass.. that's super easy. I'm confused as to what we were talking about now lol.
    Are you looking for just the tubes? Or did you want an led with glow powder?
  • I'd go for only glow powder for now and would be down for engineering a functional LED implant later on.
  • i was thinking like aluminium strontimate in glass, not an LED. IDK if it would charge thru skin. The point of skin is to block UV so...

  • It does. We've trialed them and they glow really well. They last for a short period. Helyx could tell you more about how long. 5min? Maybe 10?
  • sick, then yeah, just that.

  • Oh and I thought about using aluminum stront powder... But it's not a good idea. In the event the vial fractures? Not good. I make a resin/pigment paste. It strengthens the tube and us easy to remove even if it cracks.
  • oh Auglim is your website! i found it metioned in a different thread a while ago as auglim so it took me a bit to find the exact url. But yeah, the struggle of balacing wanting to do cool projects and actually making money from them is real. if i can help in anyway lemme know. i do have some coding experiece, so if auglim is something that you need help on id be happy to see what i can do.
    yeah, i doubt the thought emporium gets any sleep. i know from experiance that video filming and editing alone is time consuming. i know from attempted experience that bio takes even longer.
  • Yeah. Ha. I'm super into the community. I have so much going on though that I'm drowning! Lol. Auglim definitely isn't just me. I work with Fraz and Zwytech a lot right now. Working on the site is something I know should be a priority. We started like one of those accounts where people donate a bit every month. I know thought emporium just monetized a second channel on YouTube which is bad ass. Ha. I don't think I've got the personally to pull such a thing off. Lol.
    But yes. If you wanted to get involved awesome! Hit me up! Please. All I really want to do is design, build, and place bodymods so this whole use your glowing personality to fund making implants? That sucks!
  • ok cool! ill pm you so im not spamming this thread.
  • These are the updated version of the Lantern implant. It's much much brighter. The footprint is larger as well.
  • please tell me the scale is in cm instead of inches.
    also I sent you a pm, small reminder in case you didn't see it ;)

  • No problem. I'll do some close ups and well. Can you measure the circumference of the finger you want it placed in?
  • Any thoughts on using tritium gas? It's safe enough for key chains, but has a glow that's fairly bright and needs no outside light source to charge it. Most tritium sources will glow for anywhere between 10-20 years
  • Someone has done that before. They worked somewhat well. They were recently recalled according to dangerous things forums. Something about breaking. A problem is the shape, a cylinder. Personally I’d take the risk if someone was to make one again. A great part was that they are able to be implanted with a needle and syringe.

  • The Firefly and the xGLO were commercially available glass tag implants that were lit by tritium. The Firefly was sold by Cyberise and came first. It wasn't "recalled" really, Amal just posted a warning on the forum because he'd had some reports of breakages through Facebook. The xGLO was sold by Dangerous Things and was a very limited release. I don't think there will be any more because ironically Amal thinks they're too dangerous.
  • Hello there!

    Any news on the Lantern Implant project?
    I'm really interested in this. :-)

  • Hey @Cassox, I shot your gmail a message, not sure if you've seen it.
    I'll try to get something working as well, casting phosphorescent dust in resin and coating it in proper silicone can't be that hard. nervous laugh
    I'll try to remember posting here, still working out the sourcing.
    also @Rem Cassox did/does something like that (the above idea is completely stolen from him), but I figured we could use an additional channel/manufacturer anyways.

  • Ya. Have fun. :( Still buried in Covid land. I'll get to emails at some point I hope.
  • No worries, hang tight, I'll just shoot you a couple dms/mails with questions if I'm stuck, that you can answer if you find the time/nerve. ;)
    Can't be too long till the entire thing blows over.
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