2019-2020 Tech Project: LED implant - Join the fun!

Tech projects: During Grindfest 05 we talked about how we have been growing skills but haven't seen that many projects or write-ups. So we are working on getting a projects area going and on having a couple tech projects for people to work on.

Project 2: LED Implant
People really love lights under the skin. This will be a good project to develop skills and bring forward an implant that should be popular. Group will develop a small single LED w/ Bluetooth implant. LED should last 10 hours on its charge. Bonus if it can do a patterns.

If interested please sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ceMgcDad3BwEJASK1BWF6ks9sAD3Ux4IjPp2511UueY/edit#gid=0



  • Has this project stalled? I am working on an powered light implant with a different power source.

  • Actually, I know a group formed on that thing that isn't slack. I'll take a look. I know the people who were involved.. so it probably took one meeting and resolved.
  • Hope that helps. Lol. No, I'll find you a link in a bit.
  • There was a bit of a divergence on whether to go battery or field powered. Also, none of the team members had the bandwidth available to lead the charge. If you don't mind sharing, what power source did you decide to use for your implant design?
  • Similar to field powered. Encrypted ultrasound.

  • Hmmm. That's very interesting. You might even be able to use a piezo element to harvest energy from ultrasound (although they respond better to lower frequencies).

    Once you've figured out how to harvest the energy, formatting it to run LEDs safely can be a bit of a challenge. There's definitely some small LED driver ICs available that can handle that for you.

    If there's any way we can help, feel free to ask.
    • Ultrasonic Wireless Power, Data, Control Network - There have been DIY ultrasound network projects as early as 2013, when in search of kindred souls I found Anfractuosity's Ultrasound Data Transmission via Laptop Project
    • Microminiature Ultrasonic Sensor - These have been around a long time and just get smaller, more sensitive, tuneable and lower in cost. A sensor literally functions as an energy scavenger, so not something exotic that needs to be invented.
    • Frequency Selection - There is a reason why nothing beats the simple utility of the venerable stethoscope, however audible sound has limited bandwidth, and infrasound not only has demonstrably lower capacity for transmitting data. The high frequencies in the ultrasonic spectrum cost less per watt, has the highest capacity bandwidth, can transmit data and power through human flesh without detection or interference with technology commonly available.
    • Added Bonus - A network of such proposed implants can provide a wide range of useful real-time medical data.

    A word about how I "science". I rarely offer opinions before at least some cursory research and I never would join a forum and mention an actual project without investing considerable time, in this case over a decade, in the study of its feasibility.

    Also, I am not suggesting the exclusive use of ultrasonics but in appropriate combination with other tech for maximum effect.

    This is only part of my ƵedenVogue Λrmour or ƵVΛ Moda (https://zva.moda) ecosystem for cyberphysical apparel and peripherals.

  • Wow, thanks for sharing. I know some people who are working with e-textiles who I'm sure will be interested in your work.

    > @Muiren said:
    > A word about how I "science". I rarely offer opinions before at least some cursory research and I never would join a forum and mention an actual project without investing considerable time, in this case over a decade, in the study of its feasibility.

    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound condescending. It definitely sounds like you're far along with this project. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!
  • No worries. eTextiles that serve as a complement to this and other tech are not necessarily as fringe as many people assume them to be. Though I have worked in IT most of my life, my education and study has been and continues to be Ecological Systems Theory, Environmental Psychology, Ecological Group Work within a Cooperative Community model.

    As an advocate of ecocentric socially responsible technologies I believe in Economic Democracy for Social Democracy, the better to Optimize Human Strengths, Accommodate Human Limitations.

    Most of my funds go to the purchase of land and incorporation of a community based on the general principles of Work Cooperative and will feature a cooperative adaption of an Intellectual Property Pool for the exclusive access of cooperative development groups.

    I have applied for membership in NoBAWC the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives.

    This inception cooperative is centred on communications, performing arts, and media production with collaborative action design, maker, and performing groups each with their own brand identities within the overarching community named ΛSSΛ CO-OP or in long form Λn Solas Si ΛrtScience Cooperative
    Trans: An Solas Si = The Fairy Light

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