Results from Topical Lidocaine Test

I've copied over my post from the Dangerous Things forum.

So I don't like pain. I do however like my implants. That creates quite a conundrum for me. I don't live close enough to any other Biohackers to just run over for a procedure and I haven't had luck with the local piercers. I also don't have enough pocket change to buy multiple PMK's, so I am currently trying to figure out a way to numb myself with easily acquired materials.

**The Project**
I bought a some Lidocaine HCl powder off of the internet. It's not sterile and I don't have access to an autoclave so I had to make do. I'm not going to link to the site that I ordered from in hope of harm reduction. I don't want anyone injecting themselves with this stuff.

I needed an application method and decided on a spray. Easily dosed and easy to mix. I found a small spray bottle and filled it with 20ml of 70% Isopropyl alcohol. After weighing it and spraying I found it to spray a reliable .15ml. The advised dose of topical lidocaine is 2mg/lb. I decided on a 50mg/spray dose. I added 5.88g of lidocaine to 20ml of isopropyl alcohol and mixed for about 5 minutes. I got worried that I had passed maximum solubility, but luckily it all dissolved.


I applied 1 dose (50mg) to the back of my left hand and let it sit. After 30 minutes there was no perceivable change.

Next I applied 3 doses (150mg) to the same spot about 2 hours later. After 30 minutes, no perceivable change

I then applied 3 doses to the same hand 3 hours later and put a glove on to try to keep it contained for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, no perceivable change. I kept the glove on for another 30 and still, no change.


I am continuing with testing and have a few more ideas. One is to suspend the lidocaine in vaseline, or something that doesn't dry so quickly. I still need to try higher doses as well. Additionally I am going to look into DMSO, but am a little concerned about some of the repercussions.

Anyways, I hope to be back soon with more data!


  • Hey moonman. I've played with similar ideas. The best results I got were using DMSO and Iontophoresis. You definitely can't let it dry out. Of course, it wasn't while I was in the US. Here.. there's always the potential for legal issues.

    There is a product used on kids called EMLA cream. The thing is.. you really need to keep the site wet for 2 hours or so to make it effective.
  • Also.. since we're discussing Lidocaine.. who here is in a country where you can purchase it OTC? Also, do people end up hurting themselves using it? Has anyone experience Mal effects from lidocaine?
  • @Moonman0922 Thank you for the writeup. I can't tell you how much I appreciate when people take notes and share their results.

  • Shush. It's not my fault! That feels like a personal attack McStuff and it cuts deeep! Lol.
  • It's all good lol! I appreciate it!
  • @Cassox, I wasn't calling anyone out. You know that I'm not one for pulling my punches online, and if I was going to point fingers, it certainly wouldn't be in your direction. For that matter, I'd have to tighten up my own game or it'd be hypocritical.
    @Moonman0922 did an admirable job and I want to recognize that.

    Now, back to being a jerk.

  • Oh I know. Just playing.
  • I get it “OTC” from a pharmacy website. I have OTC in quotations because the pharmacy is based out of another country, one where lidocaine for injections isn’t regulated. The only bad side effects of lidocaine I’ve had is the usual ones when dealing with higher doses of lidocaine: nausea, lightheadedness, and drop in blood pressure. I knew lidocaine could cause these but I only encountered them when numbing my ears for tragus implants because I couldn’t see quite well how much I was injecting.
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    Ooof. It sounds to me like you took a dose intravascularly. As a nurse, I always pull back on my syringe hub a bit before injecting. If you get a flash of blood.. u know you're in a vein. Be careful! People seem to think that lidocaine is harmless. It really isn't. It's also used as a cardiac medication.

    I know. I know. I'm preaching to the choir. I'm sure you guys are all being responsible and legal and all. Just be careful and do your homework. I'm always confused regarding the legality of lidocaine. In my area you can't get it OTC but I know people in other states who walk in and buy it.
  • Yeah, I have some experience with administering polypeptide injections subcutaneously that isn’t supposed to be injected into the bloodstream, so usually I’m much more careful. Lapse of judgement, thankfully no lasting effects.

    The legality of it is a little weird, since in the US it isn’t a scheduled substance, but the legality depends on the intended route of administration. Since it isn’t a scheduled substance, I’d be willing to bet legality is state-dependent. In both WV and NY I couldn’t find lidocaine solution for injections locally, but I ordered them no problem.

    With that said, I don’t think that is entirely legal. So I’m not recommending that.

    Food for thought: I wonder if the sale of it without a prescription is illegal (depending on jurisdiction), but possession without prescription isn’t, in which case ordering it from outside that jurisdiction is legal.
  • Yeah. I'm being investigated by the nursing board. I gave a speech at Defcon a few years back discussing safety. One of the I said was we do this and this and this with lidocaine... I was speaking in general about the community but they think I was talking about myself. Lol. I've been involved with body mod stuff for a long time and people fly in from other countries for me to do work. One of the only reason I nearly never charge for my work and don't do body art full time is that lidocaine is so damn prevalent. If I use it, I'll lose my license. Seems like I may lose it anyhow in which case I'll need to make a career out of it to survive. I've played around with tons of other methods to make up for it. Topical lido is probably people's best bet although getting the finger/hand number can take a long time.
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