Why implant magnets?

Basically the title. What are some of the benefits of putting a magnet in your body? Is it just for fun, or does it have some practical purpose? Thanks.


  • I've had a magnet in my pinky for 15 month now, and i still giggle everytime i sense a magnetic field i was unaware off.

    Sometimes its a hidden magent, sometimes a motor, sometimes a transformer.

    I am an electrical engineer, so i come across these things.

    Its also a great conversation topic, i refer to it as "the most stupid brilliant thing i did" or "my very lame actual super power"

    I put it in myself, it healed really well and i had no rejection issues or sensation loss. So i really dont regret doing it.

    Oo also, sometimes if i find a transformer with a really strong magnetic field, i will let friends feel the vibration in my finger and freak em out
  • Can you feel Wi-Fi?

  • Nope... Doubt anyone can feel 2.4ghz waves, or any sort of RF waves for that matter.

    Mostly magnetic fields generated by either magnets, electromagnets, high currents and transformers.
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