I just ordered my first magnets

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I ordered 5 .75mm X 1mm cylindrical parylene coated magnets from http://www.supermagnetman.net/product_info.php?products_id=2038

And an RFID Injector from http://www.rfidshop.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=334

Hopefully they will be here in a week or two


  • Congrats!  Let us know how it goes.
  • I just got my magnets today, now I'm just waiting for the syringe to arrive. I'm considering recording it since there aren't that many videos about injecting magnets. Most are about the traditional way.
  • Good.  That'll make up for the video I promised but never provided.  It'd be great to show how little trauma there really is with an RFID injector.  Makes me wish I wasn't upgrading to disk.
  • Yeah but those pics were real nice. I never realized how tiny a .75mm X 1mm magnet actually was until I looked at it, it made me a lot more confident seeing how tiny it was since it's going in my body. It's a Parylene coated cylindrical n50 grade Neodymium magnet. SuperMagnetMan may become our official place for people who are sick of having to spend $50-$75 minimum for one order. You buy how much you want in as low quantity as you want.


    30 cents a pop, not bad at all.
  • Yeah, a .75x1mm magnet is tiny.  If they had larger ones, I'd probably go for it.  Only problem is that the .75x1mm are the only coated ones they sell.  I'm thinking I might set up a small website for biohacking use.  It'd be a bit of change to order all the stuff to begin with, but once I have it I could get small orders out to people far more easily.
  • Agreed, I'm sick of having to go through all these third parties. I like that idea.
  • Well, I'd like to see your experiences with the RFID.  I was planning on scheduling the magnet implant after my annual physical next week.  But would like to be clear whether personal injection is a possibility, and what the ramifications are, like how difficult is it to remove when bi-directional units are available for implant.

  • I will have one of my friends video tape the procedure with my iPad. I'm still waiting for my syringe to arrive however. Hooefully it will be here sometime next week.
  • That's fine.  Saumanahaii gave us some good instructions so far, a good place to start.

  • yes he did, my biggest fear in all honesty is accidentally nicking my bone. but i should be fine as long as i dont go too deep.
  • Ok, sorry I'm a bit late with updates, my injector just got here today from Hong Kong. I didn't expect it to take nearly three weeks to ship, but I have everything, I just have a few loose ends to tie up and I am hoping to have it done sometime this weekend.
  • Great!  You still planning on shooting a video?
  • Of course! Thankfully iPads have pretty good video quality so it should be nice and clear. I'm just thinking of the few things left I need. Ice water, rubbing alcohol, super glue. I already procured the rubber gloves. I have all that I just need to get everything together and organized and setup an operating area and it will be done in 2-3 minutes.
  • I cant imagine having to deal with an implant that small.

    My 2 x 12mm nfc tag was hard enough to keep track of. Lol.

    Let me know how it goes though, Im still trying to decide on what magnets to use

  • Yeah the smaller it is, the easier it is to get in, but it's gonna be a bitch trying to dig it out if, for some reason, it gets rejected sometime in the future.
  • I am numbing my left hand with ice water as we speak. I just put it in, I'm taking it out in 20-30 minutes I haven't decided yet, I have everything at the ready, unfortunately my cameraguy got called into work, I'm still gonna videotape it but it's gonna be a still camera instead of moving. I will do the best I can to get a good video.
  • I am finished, I had some initial trouble piercing the skin but all went well...the video could be better, but being by myself it's the best I could do. I will get it posted to my Facebook first, then here.
  • https://www.facebook.com/D0C70R

    my facebook page

    im unsure how to put a video on here
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    First, Congrats!  How was the pain?  Second: Try Youtube, just set it to not be viewable without the link.  It looks like the Facebook link won't work because of your privacy settings.
  • Yeah, congrats!
    I could watch it on facebook. Did you try rotating the needle a bit to kinda cut the skin rather than pierce it? (not sure it's the right terminology...)
    But yeah, the skin on fingers can be a bitch...
  • Pain? What pain? Lol there was almost no pain, mainly pressure and anxiety, and it felt weird when the magnet slipped in. I'm just hoping its not too deep, that my biggest fear at the moment.
  • I tried rotating it down a tiny bit, but I was scared of accidentally piercing through the other side, I was putting a lot of pressure, but not too much in case I did do that. Is a little slower but it got the job done regardless.
  • It didn't even really sting afterwards. My finger is still pulsating like crazy though
  • i can see doing this again if need be, maybe on different fingers. it wasnt bad at all.
  • with the injection method, stitches are not necessary because its such a small wound, hell a bandaid is more than sufficient i only even had it on until the bleeding subsided, i took it off shortly thereafter
  • Sounds like your experience closely mirrored mine.  Overall, the process was painless, fast, and clean.  But my god, does watching a video of it actually happening still weird me out.  You would think that having done it would make it less cringe-worthy.
  • Hey, how do you think I feel when I watch the video? Lol

    Just thinking about slightly raises my anxiety. Even though there truly was virtually no pain, I'm still not used to the idea of doing it myself.
  • I wish I'd gotten to this thread earlier. I just implanted the exact same magnet into the side of my non dominant (left) ring finger on Monday. I used a #1 X-Acto blade with a nitrite coating on the edge (properly sterilized, of course). I was surprised by how much resistance my skin put up. It cuts a lot easier when I don't want it to. It took several tries to actually find the cut and get the magnet inside. I finally managed to get it in without losing the tiny magnet though.

    I'm curious to know whether you got any significant sensitivity after it healed. So far I haven't felt anything, but it's only been four days and my finger is still a bit sore. Are you satisfied with it or are you going to do a larger implant to get more sensitivity?
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