New NFC reader I'm working on

Hey all, wanted to share with you something I've been working on for a bit and hopefully will have to a point of being able to start mailing out soon. It's a NFC reader that is connected to a micro controller that runs circuitpython and uses USB-C as well as having two RGB LEDs. Also this is pretty small so maybe useful in embedding into other things. Here are some pictures of it.



  • That's pretty cool. Do your images not reveal anything about the actual boards intentionally? Could it possibly be a PN532 reader with a custom interconnect board and a small micro like the Elite-C that has USB-C and castellated mounting holes?
  • No it wasn't intentional, Yes it's using a PN532 as the reader and the main micocontroller is a seeedstudio XIAO

  • That's awesome. I've wanted something like that but haven't had time to build and test. Did you write some firmware for it, and what type of output do you get through the cable? I bet you could get keyboard emulation working pretty easily.
  • I've been working on the firmware, it workswith C++(arduino) but using circuitpython on it i'm running into some memory issues, but yes it's pretty straightforward to get keyboard emulation working.

  • Interesting, I've also been working on an NFC reader. Mine is using a TRF7960.

  • Vicarious also made a little reader module with a PN532 and a Leonardo Pro Micro because it has native USB support. He posted the code and somebody put a build guide together.
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