Coating my bones in a magnetic material

Could I safely take 1 of my bones magnetically plate it and still have a functioning bone that still creates blood cells.


  • There are a lot of issues with doing something like this and the short answer is no. Feasibility aside a better question is why you want to do this?

  • If I could coat my bones in a magnetic casing my bone would be stronger but sense the sender is no I wonder if I could braid my muscles to operate at higher speeds and put more force into movement.

  • A magnetic coating over your bones will do nothing.
    No stronger bones. No stronger/faster movement. No special powers.
    You might be able to put a fridge magnet with sticky notes in places where your bone is near the skin.
    Drawbacks: you get in trouble when going near big magnets (scrapyard magnets, MRI machines, etc). Induction heating apparatus can boil you alive.

    Pro: nothing
    Cons: pain, useless, dangerous.

  • Want a special power? let's try a real life version of Tony Starks arc reactor I'll start working on it

  • since humans have heat a steady flow of blood "water" if you can get a transformer and make a plasma generator doing what your body does every day or we can go on living life "normal"

  • that's not how physics and engineering work. unfortunately.

  • During the late 60s, 70s and 80s the US military performed a bunch of experiments to create stronger soldiers. One of the experiments were to strengthen the bone-structure of certain bones. However there were "complications". First of all: If you strengthen the bones using a metal, you become heavier. You put a lot of stress on muscle and joints making you slower and destroying the joints in the process. The second problem is rejection. The body doesn't like foreign objects in the body; Who'd known?

    I don't have the papers on this anymore, but all I know is that there were four subjects: First one had some cocktail of random ass drugs to increase reflexes, chemically strengthen bones and muscle strength. He had some short term problems during the trial, but he fully recovered after the trial. The second and third had metal implants. Both rejected the implants and had them removed; One lived, one died. The fourth had gotten an injury in the shoulder joint and it was reinforced using an artificial method. I don't have the exact results for him, but the body didn't reject the reinforcement and he survived. Don't know if it was worse or better than the original, but I would guess worse since it's not standard issue lol.

    Moral of the story: Don't go and try to alter/coat/whatever your bones. Your bones are strong as they are. If you really really really want stronger bones, have a good diet and do ẃhat martial artists do: micro-fractures (If you're between 12 and 30).

  • why use metal if you can use graphene?

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