This is what the new magnets are going to look like: custom bionics



  • It doesn't really want to upload these right now.
  • Hey, would I be able to get a magnet with standard polarization? Or do magnets like this give better results? I really don’t know much about the topic, but I’m any case I would truly like to buy some.
  • Maybe it'll work this morning.
  • Damn, that's some hacky shit. New peglegs? I've been into that flywire shit before with some of my projects, but I've never encapsulated them in bioresin XD more power to you, man.
  • @Cassox you really stepped up your game! Those look super impressive. What's the scale on these? It's hard to tell from the photo.

  • Are they made into shapes for a reason? Are you combining the visual effects of dermal implants with the practical uses of a sensing magnet? I was toying around with this a couple of years ago using dental/medical bonding agents used in permanent medical implants that quick-cure under UV Lighting but it was difficult to get my hands on some of them.

    Curious as to the magnet size and strength with the coating.

  • I can test them using a phone. The results aren't accurate but they provide a good comparison between coated and not. The coating depth is 0.5mm.. It definitely cause a loss of strength but it's better then silicone.
  • So at the moment I'm looking into ultrasonically welding a coating of thermoplastic onto a magnet. Currently working on getting the welder itself working(buying one would cost thousands) . I'm optimistic, though: the method has the potential to create a thin plastic film welded to the existing coating (gold, in my case), all without heating the magnet. I'll drop a seperate posting if I make progress, but I wanted to give you guys something to think about :p
  • @Cassox said:
    Well, a bit more work. I'll have some finished products in acrylic and TiN.. I have 10 of the 3mmx1mm and 10 of the 5mmx1.5mm. I'll also have some interesting custom units finished this week as well. I'm going to stay listing these on the Auglim site by the end of the week.

    Are these all sold out? I would like to be able to test these for you. ( I am not looking for a hand out, I will gladly pay. )

  • I would really like to try these out as well, and I can pay.

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