Vendor thread

So, I'm wondering if we should share the vendors we use? For some things I think it's a terrible idea. For example it would be pretty helpful to have a list of magnet vendors we've used.. but any lab supply, bio source etc. may stop selling to us individuals or something. What we could do is have someone cold call the companies and ask if they'll sell to anyone/not a company. If they say yes, then that's most likely their policy and it wouldnt change regardless of being on our list. I know that Thor labs has had issues with vendors refusing to sell to them. Perhaps it should be a doc in the slack? That way at least it isn't searchable.


  • This is where we are still kind of an 'underground' community, we deal in the relative grey areas of many subjects which causes many people to resort to blacklisting in order to prevent bad press. Another unfortunate implication of us dealing in relatively grey but generally white hat operations is we require very high standards in quality and procedure, and those with more to lose will go to more extreme measures.

    Obfuscating the information is a great idea, and in general will work as it makes it more work than it is worth in payable hours given it has no serious legal standing.

    One fairly easy option is to encrypt the document and give the key to new members through cookies as their profile is accepted or as a form of friend of a friend

  • We could do a doc or spreadsheet with vendors who people have bought from before and to get it/ be on it you have to verified also the list shouldn’t have people names or screen names just the vendor and what the got from the vendor
  • Oh I feel like I am about to bump a dead thread, but did anything come from this? I have only purchased from Dangerous Things, as I cannot find any other places really.

  • I think this is a good idea, especially for medical supplies like lidocaine, where the legal grey area of buying lidocaine for injection makes it somewhat difficult to locate.

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