Growth spurt


  • If your growth plates have already fused (which happens after your last growth spurt when you are a teenager or young adult) you can't.

    Otherwise, if you are malnourished better nutrition might help.

    Or, if you are assigned female at birth and transgender ftm, starting testosterone might trigger a growth spurt.
  • In individuals with markedly deficient height, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is sometimes prescribed by doctors. I suppose this would have to happen before or during puberty though and anything after is unlikely to do much but increase muscle mass. Also there are developmental side effects (such as an enlarged forehead) that can emerge...

  • Strange. This would probably be considered medicine. Gh is prescribed and thus it would be medicine I guess? But wow. This is a weird example. I guess outside a certain height you're abnormal so it fits with the return to normalcy thing?
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