Magnetic implant adventure questions

Hello all!

I previously had two sensing magnets in my ring and middle fingers approximately 3 years ago that I removed due to anticipated rejection. I am looking to re-implant two Sense52 magnets in the same locations, however I do notice a very small amount of scar tissue where my previous implants were placed. In anyone's experience re-implanting in the same location as a previous implant, has such a thing been problematic? Should I consider a different location?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


  • Well, does the scarring feel deep or shallow? Basically, it's either scarring at the location of the incision or a capsule where the magnet had been.
  • On the deeper side, definitely more of a capsule where the magnet had been. However, it is a very small amount, much smaller than the implants themselves.
  • I recently had a TiN coated magnet removed from my ring finger and replaced with a magnet approximately 3x larger. Everything went well, and it is still very sensitive to fields even though there was some scar tissue. A good amount of tissue that had been encapsulating it was removed with my magnet. It actually worked out really well, because it created room for the larger magnet to pop right in. It's been 2 months and everything seems fine.

    If you want to pick the same spot I'd say it's not a bad idea. I'd just be wary your fingers don't start sticking together!
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