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Hello, I'm doing an essay on how technology is being used to alter humans and was hoping I could get some stories and quotes from people who have had implants such as magnets and how it's affected you. How does it feel? Has it changed your daily routine at all? Is there anything you can't do it now? Thanks.


  • I'd be happy to do it, but my magnet has gone pretty much dead.  Until I flip if for a more powerful one, or until I do something else crazy, I can't help you too much.
  • What caused it to die? Is it over exposure to other magnets? Or just decay?
  • Who knows?  My mistake was installing unknown magnets in the first place.  I got blinded by a cheap price and easy access, and assumed all products in a category were the same.  Turns out, they're not.  Don't buy your implant magnets off of Amazon.  Especially if they don't list the magnet material.
  • Good to know. What brand did you use? It might be a good idea to have a "black list" on the wiki of magnets to avoid. If it keep even a single person from trying them its worth it. 
  • I'd be interested in sharing my experiences with biohacking. I haven't any magnets...but for the past year I've been experimenting with transcranial direct current stimulation. I have conducted a number of studies to illustrate how it has improved my working memory and problem solving skills.
  • Sorry but I've gotten all the response I need already. Thanks for the offer though.
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