@cassox I and I assume others are interested in your background

@Cassox you seem to be by far along with @glims and Justin to be the most diverse in your knowledge of everything that goes into the field of biohacking. I have been lurking for a while and am really interested to know what your educational background is and what you have found to be the most helpful learning experiences have been.

I know that you are a busy person and putting personal information out on the forums is not something everyone wants to do and I completely understand if you don't want to answer the questions.


  • Im in the medical field: ER nurse. I taught Anatomy and Phys in a nursing union and tutored it for like forever. But really, much like Glims and Justin.. I've been doing this for like a decade now. You don't need to come into grinding with some strong foundation.. but you do have to have a commitment to do it right and with integrity. It's funny. The night vision project was fun. We put so much effort in it.. and yet I think both Glims and I feel a bit facepalm about how it all went down. A similar project would be so much easier, with so much more data collected, with less sweat and blood.
    After you've navigated one grind, it's easier. You know where you've struggled before.
    You know, another thing is that people who are good at searching and processing info quickly are good at sounding smart online. It may appear that I'm just busting out factlets off the top of my head.. but really I usually fact check myself as I go. I probably sound like an idiot in person. Ha.
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    That about sums it up.
    I mean, different background than Cas, but after you do something for a decade you kind of get... well not good, but decent enough to not sound like an idiot online.

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