Chip with BioBond somehow migrated..?

I have a Biotherm chip implanted in my hip, and I suspect it may have migrated, as I can no longer find it. It still is functioning, however (relatively, I suppose, as it's never been anywhere near accurate). I'm wondering if it's anything I should worry about and if I decide to remove it, how should that be gone about. Any advice is much appreciated!



  • While my experience with implants mainly revolves around birth control implants (Implanon/Nexplanon), studies concerning those implants have shown their ability to migrate regularly 2cm from their insertion site. However, case reports have noted implanons/nexplanons migrating subdermally along the length of the tricep and into the thorax and lungs. Thus, always be careful implanting things that could potentially migrate into sensitive structures.

    With that said the Biotherm Chip's Bio-Bond cap is supposed to reduce migration. But I recall having read a thread somewhere that it is possible to remove the Bio-Bond cap leaving a free-floating glass capsule that could migrate. Since you cant palpate it, but you know generally the location, you could find somewhere to do an Ultrasound or X-ray to locate it. I would definitely recommend at least knowing where it is as it sounds like it is migrating.

  • Hey misslitty, i have one in my hand with bio bond, it had migrated just 1 cm from the insertion spot and i still can feel it.Do a x-ray as crazyivan said, just to be sure it's not too far away from where it was initially.

  • I think that biobond coated things need a bit of time for their bond to actually set, so if you are not careful they can migrate before setting. I'd expect that if it's been in the same position for a while now, though, it would have set into this new location?

  • Thank you all for your input! I made sure to not implant it too close to any major arteries or veins, but it would probably be smart to at least know where it is. @RaelAdir that's quite a distance to migrate! Did that happen during the initial implant healing time?

    Also, just for the sake of information, has anyone ever had a chip with BioBond removed?

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