Why do religious freaks think getting a chip implant is the “mark of the beast”

I’m sure, especially if you’ve had an implant, that by voluntarily implanting yourself with a tag, you’re going hell because it says so in the Bible.

My question is, why do religious people vehimitley oppose voluntary chipping? I try to explain that if there’s so global conspiracy, then their phone is a much better candidate than a chip because of internet access, storage, all your contacts, your passwords, your location, cameras, microphones, etc. It’s like it goes though one ear and out the other because as soon as something goes beyond the skin it’s mystical.

I would personally love to get an NFC implant, but unfortunately there’s religious people like this in my family and I’m not sure I want to be ostracized because of a chip.


  • I think not all people would believe that the chipimplant is the mark of the beast.

    Get the chip and don't tell them about it. What about getting the chip in the forearm, so they wouldn't regonize the pflaster, you can hide it under a pullover / shirt.

    For me it was also difficult, we have family friends, who I think are very religious - but nothing happened - the didn't talk about "the mark of the beast"

    I think also some people wouldn't understand why people are getting a peacekeeper. I had a discussion on instagram (i made screenshoots, because this is unbelievable. A person who beleives in the mark of the beast - she has children and she would refuse to get also medical implants for the kids. In her believes it is better they die instead of help of implants. I was really shocked (poor kids)

  • If you're willing to get a voluntary implant that will improve upon your natural abilities, it's as though you're denying the perfection of our natural forms.

    I feel it's only fair to specify that you mean Christianity when generalizing like this. The reasoning behind the belief that augmentation is evil seems to stem primarily from the Christian notion that "God" is perfect, and that he created humanity in "his" image.

    There are certainly other psychological aspects that factor in to this phenomenon, like the correlation between religious adherence and conservative thinking, or the correlation between conservatism and fear of things that are different. Denial of the perfection of God seems to be the kernel of logic that it's based on, though. A few Protestant denominations believe in pre-destination, so actions that fly in the face of "God's Plan" (like physical augmentation or "self-mutilation") are seen as heretical.

    I feel that you should be able to get any implant you want without fear of being ostracized. If someone cannot accept you for who/what you are (or want to be) then they've forfeited the right to have their thoughts affect your actions.

    "One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone."
  • As a former religious freak and someone who met possibly the lead conspiracy theorist when he gave a talk about it at the church I went to, I have some insight..

    The dudes name was Carl Sanders and he claimed to have been the inventor of an implantable chip the size of a grain of rice, when I heard him speak maybe 15 years ago. He was speaking from the perspective of someone who invented it, realized what he did and was trying to repent by spreading the word.

    Afaik, there are a few reasons why certain Christians believe that this may be the mark of the beast.. But I can only remember two.

    The number one reason why Christians believe this is the case is because the book of Revelations talks about in the end times, people won't be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the beast on their hands or foreheads. The most obvious way for something like this to be implemented in our society would be a chip or barcode that encoded your information and linked to your financial information for electronic payment.

    The second reason that I remember that the dude said was because it was 18 bit. At the time I didn't know enough about binary and programming to make any sense of it, and now that I do, I can't imagine what 18 bits would be useful for but he specifically mentioned it being 18 bit and 18 is 6+6+6.

    To be honest his 'testimony' was a little off-putting, and came complete with colorful stories about the government trying to silence him (I was pretty skeptical at the time for a religious freak), but look him up if you're interested in knowing more.

    In regards to what you are thinking about doing, I have no idea how many bits this chip is but there is no mass government program to implement this technology that I'm aware of, and while I've done 0 research on RFID mods before posting, I really doubt any banks have enabled EFT with any of the chips you can buy right now, so it'd be a bit of a stretch for anyone arguing that you're damned.
  • @Sandra said:
    I think also some people wouldn't understand why people are getting a peacekeeper.

    What is a peacekeeper?

  • @péngyou said:

    @Sandra said:
    I think also some people wouldn't understand why people are getting a peacekeeper.

    What is a peacekeeper?

    My English isn't so perfect, I heard it only, when people talk about it. I mean the thing for people who need it for their heart, when it doesn't function perfect.

  • a pacemaker ^^
  • I have been over this many times but I have yet to encounter anyone who would say to my face that I am damned for having implants. I live in a liberal area and that is likely a factor but I would invite discussion with someone of authority in theological knowledge.
    @Loota is right about the book of Revelations 13 specifically verses 16 and 17.
    Link to Revelations13, King James Version.
    I am a practicing Catholic and when the Eucharist touches my implanted hand, no one bursts into flame or starts speaking demonic curses.
    Convincing family members is not going to be simple and if you truly want an implant, it may be best to not tell them. My mom thinks it is cool that her son is a cyborg and when her boyfriend got a brain implant last month, she joked that he and I were both cyborgs now. I am grateful for my mom.
    A lot of people are surprised to find out that I have voluntary implants and I do not tell a lot of people. My mom inadvertently sprung that surprise on some less-than-open-minded folks at a dinner party and you should have seen how quickly they changed the subject.
    Check out the link to Revelations 13, find out what people are objecting to, and try talking. I would be interested to see what comes of it. Good luck.

  • @Satur9 I don’t think it has to do with Human’s being “a perfect creation from God.” As there’s countless flaws of the human body left over from our evolutionary past such as our eyes; all the nerves are “plugged in” backwards to our rod and cones, as well as the giant blind spot we all have.
    Additionally, why is circumcision necessary if all Humans are created perfect?
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    I suspect that we both feel the similarly about the imperfections of the human body. I'm not advocating for the viewpoint that God created humanity, just working to understand those who do.

    My cursory research did not uncover any specific passages beyond those already mentioned. I feel that referencing primary source religious texts can only get us so far, considering pre-industrial authors were unaware of the direction technology would go.

    I would welcome some input from individuals or sources that espouse these ideals. I've dived and found little, partly due to fear of what I might come across.
  • I personally am a baptist, and I don't thunk it is. My family does, but I tried to explain how much more storage is needed for something like a bank account.

    When I can finally get an implant, I'm going to get bcc first so I can code my favorite amiibo onto it
  • It is also a very ridiculous interpretation since it is also in the Revalations that the Beast made 3 appearances before the Mark of the Beast (in fact, it is in his third appearance where people start getting marked). By calling implants the Mark of the Beast they are also implying that the Beast had already appeared three times, so where are those appearances and who is the Beast this time?

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