2 Cyborgs and a Microphone



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    Tim had some important business and let me take charge of the show for a whole episode! It got...weird. Maybe not our best episode but have you ever tried making cyborg humor‽ Anyway, short episode with a special guest.

  • Tim and I made this episode to talk about some of the more famous people with augmentations. This was a nice shift from focusing on the technology rather than the people using it. We also poked a little fun at Episode 037.

  • Most of us have tried those games which were supposed to make our brains better/faster/smarter. They're useless for a healthy brain with one possible exception.

  • I had another solo episode but I didn't try to do anything weird with it. This was just a chance for me to express some thoughts on the grinder community. Nothing mind-blowing but maybe a lot of us feel this way.

  • Most people look at babies like little, undeveloped people. What if we approached them as little, learning machines?

  • If we examine life, the universe and everything, we always come to forty-two. So, episode forty-two is about the meaning of life. This episode is more science-fiction than religion or science fact.

  • It was no coincidence that Tim and I recorded an episode about cerebrolysin shortly after @chironex published his guide to cerebrolysin on YouTube and here [Link]

  • Haha, glad I can inspire! Good episode, and thanks for the shout out :)

  • Today we're looking to the past to highlight some old school biohackers. Way old school.
    We're stepping up our social media presence, so anyone who wants their 2xCb fix on Twitter, here we are. [Link]

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    This show was about ambidexterity. The twist is that we broadcasted it live. This allows you to hear us unfiltered. Speaking of which, my dialog was picked up with an inexpensive mic built into my headphones whereas I recorded myself on studio equipment which will be edited and placed on our regular show page. In the video above, skip ahead to 24:40 where we started the show but there is a lot that happened beforehand too.
    [Show page link]

  • If you're lucky enough to see this link while we're recording, hop by. Afterward, you can see the recording there. As always, our show page has our edited podcasts.
    [Show page link]

  • We're broadcasting again. Stop by and see us live where you can ask us questions on the air or see our unedited past episodes.
    Of course, we have our repository of edited audio shows. [Show page link]

  • We have spoken about religion before but in the way that religion is in the periphery of almost everything. This episode was about where cyborgs and religion overlap and it was directly inspired by a thread on this forum and Amal Graafstra's Church of Transhumanism.

  • Tim and I were excited cerebrolysin in episode forty three so we orderd some. Here are our first impressions.

  • Three shows in a row on cerebrolysin! The first time we got ourselves excited about it. Then we started taking it and gave our impressions. Now we're reviewing it a month after starting.

  • I am working on a long-range RFID project with the goal of implanting it. There would be no need to touch the reader anymore. Your car or house would recognize you before you got to the door.

  • Our thirteenth episode was about "Why we biohack." We wanted to revisit that since our opinions may have changed as we have grown.

  • I guess it is becoming time for a new computer. This live recording was filled with technical difficulties on my side.
    Tim and I talked about the implants currently available. We missed a few. Hopefully we can do another show about this in a year with new implants becoming available.

  • Here is a two-fer. I forgot to post the last show so I am adding that below and after that is the most recent show.
    We took a chance by reviewing some movies a few weeks ago, namely Realive, a bleak look at what could happen in the early days of human reanimation. Then we talked about Upgrade, a rock-em-sock-em action film about cyborgs beating up other cyborgs.

    Tim and I love audiobooks and he has listened to many that speak to us in terms of cyborgs and future-tech. This show we are talking about The Quantum Magician. There is no space sorcery, aside from gene mods so extreme that it warrants calling some people a sub-species of humans.

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