reversing hair graying with existing drugs

sorry if this isn't the right forum for this, I am new here and don't know where to discuss about this.
recently i began searching for cures/treatments for gray hair, of course there is hair dyes but it is not perfect in terms of the hair color results like white growing roots. it is some kind of a solution but not as good as a cure.

while searching for possible cures/treatments for hair graying being researched now I also saw a surprisingly amount of cases where existing drugs had side effects of restoring pigmentation for gray hair. There was a case with cancer patients who took immunotherapy drugs and regained their hair color(there was many news articles about it last year) despite them being over 60 years old. and there was many other cases like this one
and it made me think about experiencing with some of those drugs just to see how its work, the article in the link mentioned several other medications that could cause hair repigmentation with/without the drug(secukinumab) which also caused hair growth despite in the patient who suffered from male pattern hair loss.

the only problem is the price of the drug secukinumab(also known as cosentyx) and the possible side effects of immunotherapy drugs(in the case i talked about most of the patients took a drug called nivolumab) which might be dangerous if the side effects aren't treated well(I read that the side effects are reversible if they detected early). but if you have a lot of money secukinumab can be good at least for an experiment and it is safe with very minor side effects and if its work it can also regrow your hair if you have hair loss problems and all that with just one dose of this drug in a month.

so what do you think? it is worth experimenting with at least some of those drugs?


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