Questions about electroplating with gold for magnets

I was wondering if any one has tried to coat a TiN magnet I am looking at coating a SMM tin magnet with gold and then using FDA16 or FDA2T for extra layers. I am unsure if gold with electroplating would work and if those would not work would one be able to brush coat or pen coat.

Any help is appreciated.


  • from previous post etc, gold does not work, as just general issues with body rejection

  • Gold is bio-inert; however, I've heard of it wearing off. I was also planning on coating my SMMs and passed it over with the community but now I've been thinking that a gold and rhodium plating may be better.
    So in a related question, has rhodium plating been implanted by anybody in the community?

  • Unfortunately no. Not that i know of. I really want to try though. The equipment isn't too expensive.. But the gold and rhodium solutions are. I tried out a service and they told me it didnt work out. I told them awesome. Send them back and ill still pay you. Strangely they refused.
  • @cassox TiN is highly conductive so I may pull out my old bench psu and get some gold plating solution to try coating a couple at different voltages to see if I can get it to work at all. I just ordered a steve haworth magnet but I am a little worried that it won't give me the best results because it has been autoclaved

  • @Cassox If I were to try and plate them should I try to avoid Acid-Based solutions?

  • You got a haworth? Its coated in silicone. Haworth doesn't autoclave them either.
  • The haworth will be fine as it is man.
  • @cassox Was there a reason people were saying that they weren't as strong as the m31 or was it just that they thickens of the coating was dampening the feeling?

  • I didn't make this clear sorry I was trying to plate the SMM magnets I already have to do some testing. I do bouldering and some others I do it want magnets and I am trying to find through testing on myself (starting with the haworth magnet) what one interferes the least with climbing and hold up the best

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