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  • Yeah. So far it's not looking like the best odds for ya. You still magnetic?
  • 10 magnets under test. Only had sealable plastic bags handy so the magnets are sticking to each other in seperate bags for the moment, clearly not ideal.
    Using 2% saline. It's been four days. Think four may be failing, they have dark marks in the centers rather than the outside, but this could've been soot migrating (due to the sticking?). The water isn't discolored for any yet.

  • Looks like only 4 survive as of today.
  • 29 of my 30 magnets have failed the saltwater test in less than two months.
    Blog post with a graph.

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    @McSTUFF I don't know what you did differently, but my failure rates are much less. After over a month, I've had ~10 failures of 48.

    In another related topic, do you guys think it is valid to put a gold coating over the TiN for implantation?

  • @Imbellis, I think my salt content was higher than 0.9% which may be a contributing factor.
    Gold might be a worthwhile idea. I would be interested to see

  • 10/10 failures here. ~2% salt content though.

  • @McSTUFF @bentpins I'm also using 2% salt.
    If y'all want to record the data, somebody else set up a google sheet for it.

  • Thank you for the link to the spreadsheet. I filled it out. Shared sheets like that are awesome for promoting the citizen science biohacking needs to see more of. Props to whoever started it.

  • I know a few people actually implanted these. Does anyone still have one that's healthy?
  • @McSTUFF @Imbellis thx for the props and taking the time to fill it out and share. Some credit to Cassox as well for originally suggesting someone make a sheet. Eventually it will become more complete and useful when some other magnet types get tested.

  • I'm down to 2 out of 15. I wouldn't put one of these in my finger! Too many failures to know if they would even last a few week or day. I'll keep them in the solution for however long but I'm doubting the SMM's
  • If I do end up implanting a SMM, I'll be sure to do a thick coating of gold on top and then test the magnet for another month or so. Although my rates of failure seem lower than most others, a %25 of failure is still pretty bad.

  • Final Comment: After 216 days, I hit 48/48 failures.
    In short, Don't by stock magnets from SMM for implantation.

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    I soaked two magnets in 1.8% NaCl (2x hypertonic solution relative to the blood), and both corroded significantly after 3 days.

    I went ahead and contacted SMM to get a refund. While they refused at first, the gave me some valuable information that I want to share with you all:

    The coating is not actually defective in it of itself. The process to coat TiN is different than nickel or gold. The process causes hang points on the magnet. Because of this, we put a double layer of TiN on the magnet. However, that means that there are going to be 4 different hang points all with a single layer of TiN. These will be the weakest points in the coating allowing for potential corrosion.
    I am also not sure how this specific TiN coating interacts with a saline solution of any strength.

    They did refund me the money after some subsequent messages, so that's nice.

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