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I’m a TV producer from a production company in the UK called Swan Films, we are best known for the BAFTA winning documentaries we have made with Grayson Perry – .

We are currently producing a documentary for the BBC with the internationally renowned artist Ryan Gander, looking at notions of the self in the modern world. Throughout the documentary Ryan is going to explore how our identities and the very fundamental aspects of ourselves are being shaped by technology. Here are some examples of Ryan's work: .

I’m really interested in biohacking and the grinder community, the desire to push the boundaries of who we are is fascinating. The thing that strikes me most about it is the delegation of self that it allows, it seems like in many ways it is not too dissimilar to how we have become comfortable with delegating things to our mobile phones. A slight example, but the philosophical implications bubbling away beneath it are very interesting.

I would love to film Ryan meeting a member of the biohacking community, perhaps observing an implantation or operation and discussing the philosophies underpinning the movement. I’m totally open to ideas. We are filming in the UK and San Francisco in September, it would be good to have a chat with people who are interested in the project soon, I’d love to learn as much as possible.

If anyone is interested please drop me an email – [email protected] – and we can have a chat.



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