will a magnet in my finger get pushed out of my body?

if i implant a magnet into a finger pad will it slowly through the years make its way to the surface and be forced out like a splinter? if so is there any way to prevent this. i want to get a magnet implant eventually but i dont want to have to redo it ever unless the magnet is damaged or is becoming demagnetized which in the latter scenario i would find a way to remagnetize it.


  • Only if the skin doesn’t heal. Usually it would be pushed out in the first couple weeks. Look through the wiki too. There’s a lot to learn before you try implanting. It’s not quite as easy or simple as it sounds.
  • What you can do is, going to a bodymod studio, so you are on the safe site.

  • I agree with @Sandra. It’ll be more expensive but they know what they’re doing.
  • Also, you could wait until mass adoption of the technology occurs and a company such as Google starts selling units.
  • I paid 200 Euros for the magnet and the implantation :)

  • @Cassox Google implants- with micro gps units to better tailor your advertisements

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    The magnets can't simply demagnetize, and you won't be able to magnetize them unless the core is heated up red-hot and you have a magnetic field comparable to an MRI machine. NdFeB magnets keep their magnetization for hundreds of years. If an implanted magnet loses its magnetic field, it's a sign that the coating failed and it's breaking down.
  • Thank you all. This has clarified some of my concerns. Does anyone know of a body mod place in michigan
  • What part of michigan/how far are you willing to travel?

  • about 1 hour anywhere from rose city up north or 2 hours from anywhere in the tri city area

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