Glowbugs and 3X1mm Samples

Ok, so I opened up the submission form on AugLim for the next batch of magnets. There are two types - 3x1mm finger magnets and the new Glowbugs. These are the ones which glow after exposure to light. I'm going to be bringing a batch to Defcon so I figured I'd offer some on the boards again.
These are TiN units sealed in a capsule of PMMA.

The 3x1 units are 50 plus shipping. The glowbugs are 80 plus shipping.

Just follow the link:


  • Are these modified SMM magnets with their respective additional coatings? The luminescent ones seem really cool.
  • Nah. I've done a number of batches of TiN magnets. TiN over NeFeB nearly always fails before two years. This is why I'm a tad concerned with people implanting them.
  • Fantastic, I am very interested in one of these. Really appreciate all you do for the scene

  • How much testing have you done on the Glowbugs? They seem like a really cool thing to implant—like a magnet and Firefly tattoo rolled into one—but I’d be interested to see their track record, if any, in terms of healing/rejection before thinking about buying.
  • Ok! So first off I apologise to of you that filled out the form and never heard back from me. It's been an insanely busy month. The current batch is complete and testing went perfect with it. As far as I know these still have a perfect record and there are about 100 out there. Also, there's no evidence of elevated liver enzymes in those tested at 3 and 6 months so no evident of subacute toxicity.

    In fact my only example of a negative was a magnet that I had already tested that Syn was playing with. We were pretty rough with it and the coating split apart. It's tough stuff so I'm not concerned about the splitting but when it did, it was obvious that the coating wasn't adhered to the magnet itself. This is something I thought I'd fixed.. It's an issue that keeps coming up too. People have tried all kinds of adhesion promoters and such. The point is that while there are strong, they'd be much stronger if they adhered properly and this one didn't.

    That said, I'll be responding to everyone messages over the next day or so. If you want to get a magnet and haven't yet, go to and click the magnet sample link at the top.
    In terms of testing the glowugs.. I really haven't. They look cool as shit in person. They really do! But I just don't see them as worthwhile. I mean they are brighter then a tritium vial right? Awesome.. except that they last for maybe 10 minutes a charge and you have to have a flashlight with you. On top of that, they're big and you can't scale them down. I'd need to make a shit load to test them and they take so damn much resin to make. The stuffs not cheap. So, no. although I'm confident in the coatings, I'm not going to actually do a full set of tests. Unless someone wants to fund them of course.. but even then there are a lot of cooler projects that need cash..
  • What is the coating made of
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