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  • How would one know if a magnet purchased is unsuitable?
  • I checked for the obvious: if it is coated in non-metal and you see metal, that is a bad sign..
  • Try soaking it in warm saltwater for a few days, see if if bubbles or degrades.  Look for physical defects, thin spots, anything that might break.  Beyond that, I'm not sure there's anything we can do.
  • These are discs?
  • Yes these are disks. I've had a look and only one of them appears to be visibly damaged. I don't know about on a molecular level however.
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    I'm definately keen if any more magnets are still available, these magnets seem to be the best to use. 9unk I pm'd you, if you're still selling.

    Also are these magnets already bio-proof? Or do we need to coat them in something?

  • Yup still selling them. I'm waiting to hear if they have arrived with two other forum members foist though before dispatching anymore. They are already bio proofed just need to be sterilized. Shoot me a pm and I'll get through to you when I can. Cheers
  • I still have reasonable number of these left if anyone is looking to buy some! Just looking to cover costs so can do them for $20USD shipped
  • How many would that be?
  • Hi, buckthesystem, and others, another kiwi here. 

    I got my magnet done by http://www.ninjaflower.co.nz they import Steve Haworth's magnets, and implant them, cost when I got it done was $310 NZD. one really really nice thing about going to them, they use local anesthetic! so very little pain.
  • Saumanahaii sorry I thought I put it in must have been tired. 10 magnets shipped for $20USD. I've got 50 left. Prefer to sell in lots of 10.

    Man $310 sounds quite steep for the procedure but buckthesystem and I haven't managed to find anyone else to do the implant either. We're based in Auckland but that does look like an option if we cannot find anyone closer. Their studio looks very professional. Quite like the idea of little pain too!

    Cheers for the reply though. I'll keep a look out and wait to hear back from my someone I'm looking to get it done through. 
  • 9unk
    I didn't make it clear that the $310 includes the magnet. they import Steve Haworth's implants on a per customer basis. the up side of this is that you know you're getting a good quality implant, the down side is that it costs more. 

    you are right, they are very 
    professional, but that means they won't implant anything that doesn't come from a trusted source.
    so I don't think you'll be able to get them to implant a magnet you provide yourself.

    I'm going to visit them this weekend, I'm planning to see if I can talk them into implanting the 
    HELEDD when it's available.
  • Oh wow those are some expensive magnets. From the research that I have done the magnets that I have are very good. The coating on them is the same used in pace makers and other metal items implanted in the body.

    Maybe I'll send him an e-mail and see what he thinks. These magnets have been used by a large number of people to great success. 

    Wow the HELEDD sounds interesting. Let me know how you get on with that. Where would you look to get it implanted. It sounds like a reasonably large unit.
  • Thanks for the tip @AmmonRa! I asked all the piercers I could in AKL with little success. One did recommend trying ninjaflower so that's good to know its an option.
  • I talked to ninjaflower about HELEDD last weekend, they said they would need more details before deciding if they will implant it, so I'll wait a few weeks until it is released.

    Yes, it is quite big, so I intend to have it implanted in my lower arm, where there should be enough space.
    Because there far fewer nerves in the skin/flesh of the arm than the finger tips, I think the pain shouldn't be too bad even without anesthetic, so even if ninjaflower won't do it, I'll just ask other piercers.

    btw, there are some nice details about HELEDD near the bottom of this page:  http://hplusmagazine.com/2012/10/05/biopunk-and-biohacking-status-update/
  • Hey all I still have a few magnets left. Would like to sell the rest if I can!
  • I'm very interested in buying 10 but probably within the week.  Have to sort a few things  out before I purchase them. How much would 10 be with shipping to California?
  • Nevermind, I just reread the comments above... I'll message you when im ready to purchase.


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    Haha cool let me know when you're ready. 

  • Ill also be buying a pack of these if anyone needs them ones 9unk runs out.

    If they would respond to their email that is. Guess Ill have to call them, what poor customer service. 
  • I've got 20 magnets left excluding the 10 put aside for John. Shoot me a PM if you want some!
  • Hey, do you still have some?

    If so I'd love to grab some. Over in the UK though, if that's cool?
  • Hi Sorry for late reply been working crazy hours in the lead up to Christmas.

    Yeah you sure can grab some.

    12 Pounds or 20 USD. Just send me your e-mail address and I'll send you a PayPal request.

    I'm away over the Christmas break however until the 7th so probably wont be able to get them sent until then unless we sort it all out today.

  • Bought some 10 off 9unk/Andy and except for a slight blip in communication it was fine. They arrived today and they're everything promised, if a tiny bit smaller than what I had pictured in my mind but he did say the size when chatting so my only complaint was my fault hah 
  • 9unk - would you happen to still have a few left? I'd be interested:) I'll PM you with my contact details.
  • Also interested in picking up a few if you've got any left.
  • Interested in buying 10 of them, any spare magnets available? Happy experimenting!
  • Per the description on the site, these magnets are not safe to be autoclaved.  I'm thinking grain/rubbing alcohol is probably the best way to sterilize...But wanted to ask to make sure.


    Pre-implant process:
    Soak in salt water 2-3 days.  Check for air bubbles/defects.
    Sterilize with grain/rubbing alcohol. 
    Have professional dig into finger so I don't fuck it up.

    Do I need to modify that process in any way?
  • Late to the news as I am; would anybody happen to have any of these magnets for sale and wouldn't mind shipping to the UK?

  • Seems like there is sufficient demand for another groupbuy. I'll be too busy in the next 2-3 months to organize one for the group, but if it has not be done by then, I'll see if I can set one up.
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