SMM TiN magnets

I recieved 20 today. Just like everyone else I had a dark ring on one side. It seems like it alternates sides. Some of them are on the south side and some are on the north. It rubbed them with a microfiber cloth and got some of it off but there's still rings on them. I put 15 on separate containers with a little salt/soap water about 6 hours ago.
After looking at everyone else's posts and even know I want to implant one soon, they will spend 90 days soaking.


  • I'd highly recommend hitting a couple with polishing paste. No more soot, shinier, cleaner looking magnet.

  • Interesting. I might pull them all and clean them. I did about 15 of them to give me a decent chance. I'll check them in a few hours and see if any fail at the 24hr mark. I'll polish them at that time.
  • Sounds good. I left some photos in nothot's thread
  • Did you ask them if they were going to use a coating under the TiN? They frequently do for structure support and because many manufacturers buy precoated magnets. Please refer to my comment in the "magnet status" thread, it relates to this subject

  • As far as I know they don't have a coating under the TiN. They buy them from someone and package them. Least that's what I've read off other posts. Which I would encourage
  • Also why did you plaster a buncha stuff all over the forum?...what do they call those nowdays? Flamers? No. Spammer?
  • @SimplyTom said:
    Also why did you plaster a buncha stuff all over the forum?...what do they call those nowdays? Flamers? No. Spammer?

    Who's spamming? I haven't seen anyone spamming. Being talkative isn't the same as spamming.

  • Day 3
    of the 15 magnets I put in separate containers
    All of the magnets still have strong fields. I'll update in a week or so
  • So they are not rusting?
  • Nope. Not yet. They all seem good right now. Is it best to test them with some paperclips and see how many they hold? Haha
  • I lied. One won't hold a needle anymore. I was stupidly testing with other magets bahaha.
  • Yeah. 4/5 of the SMM magnets have already failed from my tests. These don't look any better then any other of the failed TiN magnets.
  • @Cassox said:
    Yeah. 4/5 of the SMM magnets have already failed from my tests. These don't look any better then any other of the failed TiN magnets.

    Well if 4/5 fail then doest that leave you with on average two good enough for implant with a pack of ten? Because I want to buy 20 test them well and I should end up with at least one good enough for implant. Theres a lot of people who have had success with them, so I'm not ruling SMM out yet. But thanks @cassox for pointing out the flaws, defiantly helps to know that not all SMM magnets are good.

  • No you don't understand. 4/5 within a week.. do you know how unlikely it is this thing would reach 3 months? Much less multiple years? I mean if you only want it for a month I guess?
  • M31s generally last a good year or so in saline. In the body, they have been generally lasting two. I predict a 100 percent failure rate in everyone who implants these with 6 months. If not less. We'll see.
  • Which tests have they failed? I've had 4 polished ones in a bottle of detergent+saline. 10 days in, they all look pristine to the naked eye. I'll check again with a microscope soon.

  • I started a batch of ten and two failed in 24 hours.
    A week later, I started a batch of 20 and eight failed within 48 hours. I suspected that my saline solution was not mixed well and all the salt collected at the bottom and compromised the coating unduly, but hearing from Cassox makes me think that the magnets are failing as expected. Has anyone else been soaking their magnets and found anything?

  • I'm still only 1 out of 15 bad. Though I'm only day 4 but that seems better then other people so far.
  • Interesting. I'm going to do a follow up blog soon. I'm not going to do the autoclave test after all. It might have been good if most were surving but we know most aren't. I'm going to try out something else I've read about. We can put it in a saline that we're running a charge through. This might induce a now really break down in magnets that are susceptible. I mean, if we even got 1/20.. but we had a method which guarantees that one is perfect.. then SMM magnets would do be worth it. Still, I have my doubts.
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    Why didn't I think of that? Ive used that kind of electrolysis to induce oxidation before (not in magnets, and not for long periods) . I'm sure you're aware, but oxidation of electrodes would be a big obstacle. I would imagine gold would be best. Maybe graphite.
    Also, unless I'm mistaken, you need to have the current traveling through the thing you're trying to oxidize. The method that comes to my mind would be using a gold-clad pcb in a glass beaker as an electrode, putting magnets on top of it, with a piece of iron under the glass to hold the magnets in place. Then mask most of the gold around the magnets to minimize energy use, water evaporation, heat, etc. This would let you pass current through the magnets themselves
  • I made 1 cup water water with 1/2 teaspoon non-iodine table salt. Mixed till disolved. Put about a drop of soap. Little stir. Then they all got separate small air tight containers. I'm curious as to why I have such decent results. I put in details if I missed something please let me know.
  • @Cassox @SimplyTom I'm starting my testing on a large batch (~45) late next week. I plan on using a similar setup except I'm using 1 parts salt to 5 parts water (by mass) compared to @SimplyTom 's 1 part salt to 24 parts water. I also don't plan on doing any polishing prior - as I want to test the coatings prior to any polishing.
    If any of y'all have any tips, I'll listen.
  • Ok. I think someone was saying that too much salt comprised the TiN coating. I'm not sure on this though so don't hit me too hard if I'm wrong.
  • I buffed mine with a towel. I need to take them back out and hit them with a polish but all of mine are heavy grit polist and the softer polishes I have have wax in them. Which I don't want.
  • @cassox I'm wondering what current you would apply to the solution? And what electrodes are used? Have you found this process effective? Also if you have any ideas why my magnets aren't failing your input would be appreciated.
  • I mentioned the water with excessive salt. I have NO idea if this had any effect on the test. I was hoping someone could clarify for me.
    When I mixed the salt water, I put a few grains of salt into my containers, added water, then tossed in a magnet. I never shook or stirred the salt and water and I saw swirls at the bottom where they had not mixed. Please don't make any assumptions about the effects of this extra-salty water and TiN.

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    Ok, so a standard concentration of saline is 0.9 percent sodium chloride. There are a ton of online guides to making it. The gist is you need to heat the water.. add the salt.. stir.. let it cool. If you do this the salt will be in solution.
  • I'm not sure yet about the electrolytic method. I'll update you when I can.
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