How small is too small?

I was looking through some of the magnet types on SMM and I saw these

If there was a way to coat these in something like TiN would they be any better/worse for implants. With these you could potentially have multiple small magnets in one hand in varying areas. This could potentially give better sensitivity. Any thoughts?


  • Interesting idea but I’d guess that the sensitivity would be next to nothing. That’s probably partly why they aren’t popular for implants. They would be the least intrusive but also the least sensitive.

  • Honestly, I feel like you would have more sensitivity the smaller the magnet. The bigger the magnet gets, the more resistance it would have against vibration, which is what allows your body to feel the electromagnetic fields. So it makes sense that the smaller the magnet, the more it would vibrate, and the more sensitive it would feel.

    With that said, another important aspect is nerve growth. Enough nerves have to actually grow in contact with the magnet in order for the vibration to be sensed enough for the brain to perceive it. So I guess it's all about finding the balance of vibration (smaller is better) and nerve contact (more is better). In theory, the bigger it is, the more nerves it will contact.

    Anyways, I guess it really would just require a test. Implant one normal 1mm*3mm magnet in one hand, and on the other, this one. See which one has better sensitivity.

    Although if you're just interested in lifting instead of sensing, definitely go for bigger. But sensing? I would guess those would be too small to have enough nerve contact to register a decent impulse.

  • And on top of that, coating the small ones would be problematic. Easiest would probably be silicone, but that would be so thick relative to the size of the magnet that most sensitivity would drop.

  • Those would definitely be too small. There's a fine balance between too big and too small. That's the reason why the most recommended size is 1x3mm. Yes, smaller magnets have less mass and will more easily react to weaker fields. But if they are too small they wont be strong enough to react well to anything other than other magnets, and you won't be able to feel them as well due to their small size. It's similar to how you might not feel a flea or ant crawling on you, but you would definitely feel a bigger bug like a roach or spider.

    I can tell you from personal experience as I have had a few different sizes or magnets implanted over time. I've had some that weren't very much smaller than the recommended size that I could barely feel at all. I've also had larger "lifting magnets" that were great for sensing.
  • I remember seeing a post like this a couple of weeks ago and the poster said that he implanted 12 magnets in his hand. He said that he could not had diminished returns the closer tho his paw he got
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