Some questions before implanting

I have just a few questions for whoever has any type of answer to them before I try to implant a magnet.
1. Have any of you worn a ring/wedding ring with the magnet implanted. If so do they interfere with each other?
2. How would you know if the coating on your magnet had been compromised? Would the surrounding area just become infected or what?
3. What are some methods to test for breaks in your coating before implant. I know a salt water bath is a good choice.
4. How long does it usually take to get near full sensitivity?
5. What is the highest recommend level magnet to implant. I'm currently getting a N55.
6. Are there any diy things that are recommend to do to the magnet before implant?
7. I live in the US other than the dangerous things kit are there easy ways to source lidocaine?

Thanks for the help.


    1. even if your ring is made of a ferrous material, it's probably too far from the magnet to be a problem. most high quality rings are gold, silver, titanium, etc- none of which are ferrous.
    2. you would lose magnetic strength (like, if you used to be able to lift a paperclip, you'd no longer be able to) as your body breaks the magnet down. your body would encapsulate the magnet in scar tissue, walling it off from the rest of you- probably this would manifest as a hard lump around the magnet.
    3. a salt water bath is not really a good test- it's better than nothing, and will discover very bad coatings quite quickly, but isn't really the same as an immune system actively trying to break down a coating. you'd need to soak a magnet for months, and look at the coating under a microscope.
    4. a couple of months.
    5. depends on if you want sensing or lifting, and where you are implanting it. in a finger, for sensing, you should probably lean towards something a bit weaker than that.
    6. sterilize it, but not with heat as that will demagnetize the magnet
    1. I got my magnet in February 2018. On the next day I went to a library - visting a friend- I was able to feel the security gates about 1 meter away. I couldn't believe it.
      Feeling the Cooler from my notebook tooks about 2 month.

    My magnet is very strong - I can lift about 30 paperclips - sensing is also amazing.

  • @Sandra What magnet do you have?

  • > @Nwilde1590 said:
    > @Sandra What magnet do you have?

    I have the cylindrical magnet from Samppa - my bodymod have this magnets.
    1. In addition to loss of strength, there's a chance that once the neodymium is exposed, your body will reject it. It will become sore and inflamed, and the magnet will gradually migrate to the surface.

    2. Not exactly what you asked, but if you have access to a stereo microscope I would suggest also visually inspecting the coating for surface flaws.

    3. I could feel the microwave immediately after implantation, I'd say full sensitivity after a month, and I avoided lifting things (for the most part) for the first month.

    You may also want to consider a soak in cold isopropyl once the tourniquet is on- it helps immensely with the pain. Mine was implanted without any pain medication or lidocaine and all went smoothly. Best of luck!

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