How to Test a Magnet's Coating & Other Questions Related to Implantation

I bought some of SMM's 3mm dia x 1mm magnets and was wondering how to test the TiN coating. What tests to y'all put your magnets through before implantation?

  • What is the saline test? I'm assuming it's to see if it would react to the surrounding area after implantation.
  • Would using saltwater to test for voids in the coating work? If so - should I also do the saline test afterward?

  • Cyberise's Lidocaine kit is out of stock - what are some other ways to numb the pain? I've got some Oxy from a surgery, but I think that'd only numb a little of the pain.

  • Would steri strips or medical HMA (glue) be alright replacements for sutures?
  • How long should I wait before testing the magnets? I've heard that it's mostly healed in 3 weeks, but I'd like confirmation.


  • I believe dangerous things has a kit with lidocaine in it. As for the healing I feel like you will be able to kind of June when it is mostly healed. Could take longer than 3 weeks maybe shorter but that is a good time to wait. I'm not 100% sure on testing the coating but I know both of those will help to find flaws. I am also getting those magnets and have not decided if I want to stitch it up yet. I have heard other people say they have used steri strips. I think sutures are a good bet but the others would work fine if you do really good caring for the wound.

  • @Boi Dangerous Things is also out of stock with their Lidocaine kit.

  • @Imbellis hmm I've heard of some people asking their doctors for lidocaine. They say they are going to put it in a first aid kit. This probably isn't going to work for everyone but it is worth a try. Another way some people have numbed before implant is using ice and salt to make the area really cold. Though that isn't ideal because it could potentially five you frost bite or other complications.
  • There are also topical anesthetics you can get from amazon or a pharmacy that will help.

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