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Hey guys, I'm new here, but I've been lurking for over a year. I so far have 3 implants, an xBT, an xEM, and an xNT, but want to upgrade my xNT to the new(ish) flex model. So I'm wondering if any of you knows of a good xylocaine source, or if I can even legally obtain it without a script. As well as that, I've been looking through all magnet discussions, and I really just want a straightforward answer as to whether I should go with the SMM n55 TiN coated mags, or with Haworth's silicone ones. Any insight you could give would be greatly appreciated, and I look forward to discussing more on here.


  • The straightforward answer is that Haworth's have been around for a while, and have been shown to work fairly reliably, but with the caveats that they don't seem to hold up forever, can be hard to source if memory serves, and are thicker and more cushioned than other coatings. The SMM magnets, on the other hand, have just come out. They are promising, but experimental. The cyberize me pain management kit is the only easy way I know of sourcing xylocaine, but for me I just asked a doctor during a checkup for some. Other than that, in the US, it gets tricky as our medical system is a flaming asshole in a lot of ways.

    Of course, this is all info that already exists in many other posts here.

  • Much appreciated. I've seen things here and there about these questions, but it seems like opinions vary wildly, so I figured I could narrow it down a little into one discussion. I think I'm gonna go with some SMM magnets and do the doctor appointment thing to see about my lidocaine, thanks!
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    In terms of magnets, the newer haworth ( ones are better coated due to injection molding (the old ones were dip coated) and easy to buy. I have one on the way right now. The Super magnet man (SMM: I think) magnets are definitely more experimental. There's a good data sheet here that has info about different types and how long people have had them:

    Basically haworths are bulkier and less sensitive but more reliable and well tested while SMM are stronger, thinner, but more experimental.

    I don't know much about RFID implants though. I hope this helped!

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  • I found rfid animal tags for much cheaper, they look to be much the same!
  • Where did you hear that Haworth dip coats magnets?
  • @Cassox

    “Those magnets were dip coated, and the bubble shape that caused irregularly covered the pill-shaped magnets. The second generation magnets are evenly coated via injection molding. These magnets have now been in use since 2006, and have not been subject to the same failures.”

    Its not stated explicitly but it’s implied that his first gen magnets were dip coated.
  • Gotcha
  • an xEM

    Noob question: saw animal LF tags t5577 with memory but read so far that the xEM doesn't have memory. True? And what would be best..? Thanks
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