• Why dont you order the tin coated ones?
  • I ordered 20 of those parylene coated year ago and all of them had faulty coating... Now ordering the new tin coated n55 ones
  • @dieselpwr Ok. I think I'll order both and salt test them. Is there any other tests that can be done to make sure the coating is safe?
  • Salt water and a drop of soap will do. If the coating is faulty you can see them start rusting in just one night. There are other ways to test but there is no need to do that. The smm tin n55 is the best option atm, n55 being the highest grade available, if you choose your magnet carefully the tin coating will last a lifetime at its best
  • Nice. Will do. I think I'll try 5 of each kind in all separate cups and see what happens. When you buy them they come in stacks of 10? It doesn't say on there site. I'm also watching @nothot to see what his does. It looks promising so far!
  • Yup they come in packets of 10 magnets. They douple coat the magnets so no holes should be left, they might all survive salt soap water so you have to visually pick the best one after soaking. Looks promising to me too!
  • Which finger are you planning to implant in?
  • Left hand ring finger. I'm a mechanic though so I'll need to make some time for healing... some how. Also where the heck can we get some lidocaine in the U.S.? I don't want to feel it. Haha.
  • I have no clue about lidocaine. haha i work by myself whit tractors, trucks, heavy duty stuff, and do a lots of physical work, my hands are always greasy and scarred lol.
    First time i tried implanting was years ago and i only used salt&ice, rope really tight around the finger and left it for 10minutes in the ice salt mix and couldnt feel anything, im planning the same this time too, and alcohol for sterilising. Im going to implant to my index finger, idk if its going to get crushed but i think it would be more sensitive and practical in it.
  • Lame. I guess I could do a few tests and see if ice&salt does the trick.
  • Nice, the salt lowers the melting point of ice so its able to reach much lower temperatures than ice alone.
  • After my first implant, I'll never do it again without lido. Ice numbing led to a long night, and may have contributed to a not-deep-enough pocket leading to rejection. Pain is quite real. This time around, I asked my dentist for some, and he just gave it to me. Needles and sterile syringes can be bought on ebay (not at stores I've tried for...legal reasons? Pharmacies require rx)
    Also, your dog looks like my dog :).

  • Some people have higher pain tolerances, also if you use the ice for long enough it will be completely numb.
    Its not more than a small cut,
    Codys lab just held his finger on top of a ice block and it barely even did anything still he was able to do a good pocket for his magnet. But if youre able to get lidocaine easily and cheap then go for it,
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    Heh, I'll tell you, I must not have been doing it right, then. It's not the cut that gets you, it's digging the pocket.

  • Haha I haven't tried the ice yet. I'll do it tonight after work. I ordered 2 sets of the SMM TiN yesterday. Stoked. I doubt I can go to my dentist and ask him for some. You muse know your dentist well. Or have one that doesn't care about his licence.
  • ^thats what i tought too
  • I wouldn't give a patient regulated mess if they asked. Just like I won't "open the dash and cut the light for the check engine light" so you can sell it for more. BTW it's harder to do that then fix the problem 99% of the time. @dieselpwr where did you get your implant tools from? Is it necessary to have more then a scalpel and tweezers(non-magnetic) and antiseptic, sutures of course. Most come with some pliers that I don't really care to have haha.
  • Well i only use few things for implanting,
    Scalpel, scissors for making the pocket, alcohol for sterilising tools and the work area, then for closing the wound i use drop of superglue, its great for glueing skin, just be carefull not to get it in the cut, and few bandages on top of it, im not at home atm otherwise i could take some pictures of tools used
  • No, I don't know him particularly well, though I've known him for a long time. I told him I was putting together an emergency first aid kit due to being involved in a lot of community service activities (which was true). Lidocaine does require a prescription to buy, but it's not heavily regulated either. Low capacity for abuse, low risk.

  • @dieselpwr that's about what I thought. I'm trying the ice now. It's cold af. But I can still feel it being poked. Im not so sure about this ice method. Heard some other guy used coke ;)
  • Did you have anything like a rubber band or rope around the finger? Salt ice combined whit that numbed my finger to the point where i really couldnt tell if i was cutting the flesh. Ofc if you think its not enough you should think about the lidocaine but i dont think its worth the hassle of getting it.
  • I didn't use a band. I thought you put that on after. I guess I'll give it a try again. And I used rock salt.
  • @SimplyTom I found my lidocaine on cyberise.me. However, I think they’re out of stock. Luckily I think dangerousthings.com’s kit is still in stock. I was skeptical about using lidocaine at first for my implant but I’m glad I did.
  • Both of them are out of stock. I did find this
  • Shipping goes to EU only...
  • For the whole procedure keep the band on, otherwise it will bleed and distract you when cutting. The ice reduces bleeding too but mainly numbs. And what is rock salt? It should work as long its a salt like NaCl, normal table salt,
  • I was just testing the ice to see if it would work as a numbing agent. I haven't received my magnets. I have some plastic tweezers and sterile scalpels but I'm just making sure it will all work out for me. I just want some iodine. Plus I've got a week of testing magnets or more. Depending on if the first set passes or not. How long till you equip your magnet?
  • Oh rock salt is just big chunks that super cool the ice
  • Did you order parylene and tin coated ones? I bet that tin coated ones have only some that will fail salt soap water, and what do you mean by "how long till you equip your magnet?"
    I think you will do good whit those tools.
  • I got some of the TiN coated. 2 sets. I was referring to when you were going to cut open and put a magnet in aka for me equipment. ;)
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