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hey guys

I learned about magnetic implants and Biohacking just recently and see that you folks have quite interesting ideas. I am curious what some of you managed to do already. is there anybody here who actually got more sensory extensions apart from magnets or RFID tags?  would be great to learn more about your achievements!



  • There's some guys working on a Southpaw, which is a magnetic compass embedded in your body.  They're also developing a body monitoring system, though that's hardly a sense.  I'm working on embedded headphones, though I'm not sure that counts, either.  After that I'm hoping on making an embedded watch that uses electrostimulation to tell the time, in the quest to give me a discrete sense of time.  Those are really the only projects I'm aware of, though.
  • Those project do sound really cool, it's not really important for me if it's about senses or other stuff.
    Did anything work yet? Did you guys actually implant those things already?
  • As far as I know, most of the electronics-based projects floating around aren't anywhere near implant-ready.  Most of the things people have been working on are in prototype stages and have not been effectively scaled down to implantable size yet.

    ThomasEgi and I have been working on a generic and tiny implant core that will allow us to develop small-scale electronic implants without having to reinvent the wheel, but both of us have very little time to work on it.
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    Oh really?  That's news to me.  Are you talking about something like an Arduino for the body, or more limited/powerful?
  • Something like that, but it will include a wireless powering/charging circuit, bidirectional data transfer and tiny battery charging system.  It will of course be more limited in terms of power use, but it'll be a starting point that people can base their designs off.
  • Nifty.  How long do you think it will take you to get it to a semi-functional state?  I've been trying to decide on a controller for a project.
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    There's no timeframe, sorry.  We're currently in the process of evaluating the TMS37157, a chip from TI which comes in a 4x4 mm footprint package, can power itself over LF and has bidirectional data transfer over the same line, and has a built-in battery charge controller.  It can easily be hooked up to an microcontroller like an ATtiny (using SPI interface).  Limited to 2 mA charge current, but that may be sufficient for many low-power implants, the chip consuming only 60 nA in idle mode.
  • There are a lot of projects going on that I know about. Many projects have hit roadblocks and appear to be dead, but there is still an active interest in completing them. The GULO mod, tetrachromacy mod, active EM sensing device, internal heating/cooling...just to name a few.
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    @rdb: Very good idea! Please do keep us updated on how your project is getting along and if you need help with anything, that's what the group is for :)   Very good idea indeed...
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