VP 782N-3 Magnets Group Buy

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I'm brand new to the grinder scene after reading the inspiring Verge article. I'm looking for any other New Zealanders who are interested in a group buy of VP Scientific VP 782N-3 magnets as used by Nate over at feelingwaves.blogspot.com 

Also if there's any kiwi grinders out there interested in setting up a local forum, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

edit: discussion title changed, I was originally looking for New Zealanders for a group buy but am happy to send elsewhere in the world. My order has arrived and I have surplus magnets ready to send.


  • Welcome to grinding! Prepare for some pain...

    Your best bet, if you're just after a few, is to hook up with one of the guys who've bought more than a personal amount in one of the recent group buys.

    However, both the recent buys have been cylindrical magnets, and there is little feedback as to how these compare to the disc magnets.

    Cylindrical magnets have the major (in my mind) benefit of being implantable with an RFID syringe, I got one from the UK for about 5 to 10 AUD. Something to keep in mind, rather than slicing and dicing yourself with a scalpel. Which can be difficult, I've been lead to understand, when the pain overloads your sense of sight.
    Anyhoo, have a look around, make yourself at home, and don't feed the trolls. There aren't many, but I have a bad feeling that might be changing soon...

  • Thanks Bish!

    My plan was to go to a piercer and use a gauge 6 needle to create the pocket, pretty much following the feelingwaves.blogspot.com method. I guess techniques have moved on a bit since then. Thanks for the RFID tip, I'll have a look into that. Have you implanted yours using that method already? could you give me some tips on using that method?

  • If you can wait a week I'll tell you how my install goes.  I'm expecting to take plenty of photos to document the procedure, maybe even a video.  I'll be using an RFID syringe to do it.
  • I'm in Wellington, NZ. 
    I've also become completely inspired by the same article.
    If we can't get any surplus from this group buy http://discuss.biohack.me/discussion/238/group-buy-n52-nd-au-parylene-c-coated-magnets- then i'll be keen to look at options with other kiwis.
  • Haven't done the install yet, I've been working full time as a kitchenhand and also pretty sick. Don't want to overload my body with stuff that can wait haha!

    But yeah, it's happening soon, and I plan to do a full video walkthrough.
    When I think about it, the walkthrough'll basically be - ice hand, steralise everything, poke hole in self, pass out.

    Fun times!
  • I'm really eager to see how the RFID methodology works out, 

    You know, of course, that so many of us are hesitant to do anything that looks smells or sounds like surgery.  This is going to be interesting.

  • I hope to do the procedure Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.  I'll throw some pictures up if I can, probably set my phone to record the whole thing.  I don't own anything but an older smartphone, so don't expect great shots.
  • inside the country. these are coated magnets, right? would just need to decide insertion method.
  • Hi exoplanets, yes these are parylene C coated and the same ones used by Nate over at feelingwaves.blogspot.com He's had his in for over 3 years going by most recent blog post and it survived getting crushed when he injured his finger.  

    I've got a quote for 200 magnets to meet the minimum order size. If you're in NZ and want some please PM me to discuss the details.
  • Order has been placed for 200 magnets. Should be delivered next week. I have 160 surplus magnets at NZD15 for 10. (can be reduced if you want a lot more than that) Send me a PM if you're keen.
  • Magnets have arrived! I've PM'd those who messaged me expressing an interest. Any others out there, send a PM. 160 magnets still unclaimed.
  • Any chance of shipping to America without paying an arm and a leg?
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    Good man
  • Hey I don't suppose you'd be able to post to uk aswell? Pm me thanks
  • No prob,sent you a PM.
  • hey all! new to the forum here, very glad i stumbled upon it. been looking at getting a magnet for a while now, but could never bring myself to buy 100.  i'm in the usa, but as their so small i feel like shipping should not be a huge problem? @buckthesystem, do you still have any available?
  • Hi all, I'm in the same boat as phimath up above. Been thinking of this since the flurry of articles about it came out early this year and I've finally decided to go for it. Any chance I could get in on the action too @buckthesystem?
  • Hi @phimath and @royboy. Yeah I still have magnets. 10 magnets to the US with standard airmail is 20USD. PM me an email address to send a paypal request to. Don't forget to check your shipping address is up to date in paypal!
  • sent you a PM @buckthesystem  , lemme know soon as possible. thanks
  • What size are these? Might be interested in getting 10 but bigger is better, because of the increased range....

    Has anyone used the injection method of implantation and if so, how did it go?
  • size is 3.4mm diameter and 0.73mm thick.

    I'll be heading abroad for a month on Wednesday so PM replies may be delayed. I won't be shipping any new orders till November.
  • When you return I'd like a quote for 10 shipped to Brisbane, Australia, please. Also from experience is the 3.4mm diameter strong enough or would anyone recommend going up a size to the 6mm? I have friends for installation so implantation isn't an issue. Thoughts? Other Brisbane (or Australian) pals out there? 
  • I agree. I'm considering getting some, but the strength is important. If I'm going to do this, I want to do it right. I heard the smaller ones have a better mass/field size ratio. 

    Also: kind of wondering why people buy 10? Do they actually implant all 10 or do they buy so many in case of defects?
  • So they can toss out the ones with defects, and it's good to have spares ready, in case they slips out of your tweezers during operation and stuff like that.
  • Also it is a nice number, I guess.
    I lost one in aftercare and also wanted some spare for future projects.
    And if you buy one the ratio cost per magnet/cost for shipping isn't that great either ;)
  • So depending on how soon you all want these I purchased half of buckthesystems magnets and can organise a freight cost and total cost on magnets for those who need them. I'll double check with bts but he mentioned there were a few keen on some magnets and he's overseas from Wednesday and has plenty else to worry about at the moment.
  • Thanks 9unk. Anyone looking for magnets in next few weeks please get in touch with 9unk. @notorious and @clag I've asked 9unk to handle your requests so please get in touch with him. 
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