Putting half beads in my hand for better grip

Hey guys, so I ordered two magnets from Steve Haworth a couple days ago and I wanted to get a small silicone implant too to see what it was like having one. I've always thought they looked super cool. Anyways so I was looking around and trying to decide what I wanted and I saw the half beads. I immediately thought about putting them under my skin in my hand to try and Increase my gripping ability. so i ordered the smallest one they have and rn I plan on putting it in my pointer finger on my left hand. Which has nerve damage already and I don't have to worry about messing that up. But I wanted to ask what u guys thought first. Thanks!


  • I don't know if your idea will gain any traction.

    In seriousness though, our fingers evolved to be pretty good at picking things up sans modifications, but we regularly handle things much smaller than our ancestors.

    Whenever we fumble with tiny screws or surface-mount components, we're up a creek without tools. Adding a nub to your finger could give you an edge. Whenever I pick up a screw or washer with my magnet, I'm pleased that I don't have to fumble getting it off the table.

    Conversely, when I think of all the things I handle on a regular day with my left hand, like a keyboard, and a steering wheel, I think it would interfere. Not to mention picking my nose. Dang.

    I think there is merit to your experiment and if you do it, I hope you'll keep us posted.

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